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  1. I remember reading they just built small scenes for the trailer, but put a lot more work into the gameplay than content. It has me skeptical too, but I'm gonna be optimistic about it. When they show gameplay or let us play a small demo, maybe I'll feel better about it.
  2. The devs have been somewhat active on Reddit (supposedly /u/Gruntr), have a Twitter (@ReadyOrNotGame) and Facebook page, and posted briefly, with proof, on different anonymous imageboards. They also have their own website here with very brief clips of gameplay. This game honestly looks like a spiritual successor to the SWAT series and the earlier Rainbow Six games, but with a much darker tone. Teaser Here
  3. Can I get a link for that? It sounds like it'll be an interesting read or listen. I couldn't find it on Google on different searches.
  4. Not to mention map layout gives players the wrong perception of movement speed. If everything is closed off by walls and corridors, they'll percieve the game as slower as it actually is. By significantly cutting off lines of sight, developers are only prolonging firefights and matches longer than they need to be.
  5. Bolded parts are the tl;dr bits (even though its not that long) What I noticed, is that the maps are not just elongated, but now favor lane design, much like more recent Call of Duty titles and Counter-Strike. The old maps were more like playgrounds, right? No matter where you were, you usually could find someone relatively quickly because of more open lines of sight. Would sprint and the Spartan Abilities be the culprit of the change in map design philosophy, or would it be the result of 343 designing for maximum competitiveness? Also, what I noticed recently is that gameplay uniqueness leads to franchises that have a very healthy growth. Obviously Overwatch is an exception because of Blizzard's reputation, but other franchises shown this as well. I don't think I have to describe any popular franchise that you can think of, because they all brought something different to our TVs or PCs. Some franchises saw a slow growth, and others blew up on their first go, but one thing that connects them all is uniqueness, something that the original Halo brought to the FPS genre as a whole. What other game is as easily accessible to new players, yet still as in-depth as Halo was? Quake, Unreal, and Counter-Strike are much more in-depth than Halo, but high-level play is nearly impossible unless you're on a keyboard and mouse setup. If this wasn't linked before, two Halo 2 developers (@MaxHoberman & @32nds)gave their thoughts about sprint in Halo 2 (and CE a little bit) in Twitter, by the way. The conversation branches off into different directions, so mobile would be a better way to view the whole thing. Here's the link
  6. EDIT: Wait, does this go in OT?? I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this in, but I'm gonna play Devil's Advocate for a bit. Personally, I think Armor Abilities and Loadouts helped diversify Halo's sandbox more than Spartan Abilities and REQs could ever have. It's just that the way both Bungie and 343 implemented it was pretty poor, and obviously not well thought out outside of direct gameplay. I mean, I had a lot of fun in Reach's Infection, Invasion, and Custom games because of what AAs and Loadouts brought to the game as a whole. Custom Games and Social Playlists became a whole lot more interesting, and a lot of crazy stuff happened during gameplay because of them. If Bungie (or 343 for 4) kept 100% equal starts and chose to use evade/thrusters rather than sprint in Reach's nonexistent launch day Ranked and Unranked playlists, I think the population wouldn't have died off as much as it did. Maybe if visible TrueSkill or Arena ranks were implemented day one in the first playlists selected, a decent amount of the population would have stayed. So a Ranked tab, with the playlists Rumble Pit, Team Slayer, and Team Objectives, an Untanked tab with those same playlists (and available to XBL Guests), and Social with Rumble Pit (maybe infection too), Team Objectives (and Slayer and Action Sack), Big Team Battle, Infection, Invasion, Co-Op Campaign, and Firefight. I would't know though, since I just played so much Team Slayer, BTB, Infection, and Invasion matchmaking back then. Maybe if dual-weilding was still a thing (and disabled in Ranked/Unranked), and equipment (as a one use grenade) and AAs were both available by the time 4 came around, the series could have been at least somewhat healthier when 343 launched the MCC or Halo 5.
  7. The second one kind of builds off the first one, but is a little less creepy. The third one isn't really that good unless you're messing around with a friend, since it's somewhat buggy and more action focused. I don't even think there's one scary part in the game.
  8. Is it because the reticles are practically smart-link already? I remember something about Spartans being extremely accurate without it, but I can't remember what it was exactly.
  9. For sure. I'll be on this Friday from like 5-9 PM PST. EDIT: Wait a minute, are you on PC or still on Xbone?
  10. I did the same with my custom settings, which is inspired from Evolved, but with 80% shields (Halo 3 AR TTK), and thrusters (150% speed, 120% delay), clamber (120/130% speed), and stabilization (80% anti gravity) enabled. I baited people from the /r/Halo Discord to join, saying "hosting ffa/team slayer add me to join." Surprisingly, a lot of people (out of ~40) liked it, and I felt as if it was a better fit for K&M users than default settings and mechanics. One person even said it was really nostalgic. Honestly, I feel as if that's what Halo 5 should have been like, if 343 didn't want to completely cave into the classic audience.
  11. I've been playing Halo 5: Forge on FFA and Team Slayer, but I didn't think the game would suck so hard, for controls, on keyboard and mouse. I plugged in my controller and got an extremely better experience out of it. I feel as if there's too much unneccessary fluff in the game that it detriments the core experience of Halo. I'm mostly fine with the changes, but I think I see what 343 did in regards to gameplay that threw away old fans and pushed potential fans away.
  12. The lobby chat is an absolute must! Some people can't play on Forge maps, and it's a hastle messaging everyone in the lobby figuring out whose security settings won't let them play on Forge maps.
  13. I played a little bit of this, and it was pretty fun. A couple maps still feel too big for the movement speed, but at least there's always fighting going on somewhere in the map.
  14. I've been lurking the forum on and off for a while, but I decided to make an account since H5 Forge released! I'm gonna focus on custom games, but game variants that blend all the Halo games together first, just cause. Around 40 people played my first variant and said it felt pretty good and kinda nostalgic, if that matters. My GT is the same as my account name, but I'm gonna be playing from someone else's account since my computer can't run Forge yet. See you all in customs!
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