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  1. Wonderful news! Very happy that everything is now moving in a positive direction!
  2. Hey man, I am here at the event and my biggest complaint (outside the obvious) is that the CSGO station is completely drowning out our main stage. Standing in front and cannot hear a thing.
  3. I like Towey's content, and have been a big fan of Roybox for a while. On another note, I wish EG would have stuck with Contra on these new / better settings. The settings are much more shot skill heavy, I mean we still have a radar and thrust and sprint and Spartan charge, but.... God damn it, I love and miss real Halo.
  4. Just want to chime in and say how pumped I am for international halo. Great events all weekend, even though there was a lot of online going on. Excited that Seduce, Benno and Tapping buttons have qualified. Also, Goat hype! EG has much better comms since the change, and after watching a few of the scrims, they just need to prioritize the right kills and they are in this. A little less naughty armadillo and sneaky beaver plays and they will really have a shot at T6 come Vegas.
  5. I think if it were E6, this is an appropriate action. Say they were going to make 3k each, reduce that to 2.5k. Actually better make it 1.5
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