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  1. The less playlists the better for playlist quetimes. Give people a server browser and let them sort it out on their own.
  2. Melee lunges are not inherently bad. It's the complementary aim assist that makes it bad.
  3. Except they're not obsolete to all the people who don't need or want cutting edge graphics and fps. If the Xbox one is obsolete then I guess every pc that isn't bleeding edge is obsolete too.
  4. "Esports Ready!" As the game freezes at multiple critical moments during the first week of Quake's league.
  5. Ok definitely don't agree with Ice princess on 99.9% of her points but you cannot argue that other Halo games are near Halo 5 in terms of movement skillgap.
  6. Gear Judgement was really damn bad but unlike Halo Gears didn't have 4 games in a row that gave the middle finger to the traditional gameplay or were broken.
  7. "Fun" If you enjoy the gun aiming itself. Whatever floats your boat.
  8. I don't think that's a dev. I won't be surprised if Sprint is in Infinite though.
  9. They have like 1 or 2 console players finishing in the top 100. KB&M should be separated from console with only social playlists as an exception. Maybe the custom browser too.
  10. We could also be Fortnite where a cheater was allowed to qualify for the world cup. I disagree with 343 on alot of things but with the exception of the balloon incident i think they've done a good job of improving the competitive scene after taking several steps back during 4 and the beginning of 5.
  11. Oh, that's normal for Smash. Someone lost a game because a fan threw a banana at them.
  12. That's just the start. It came out that two players were a while back in a relationship while one of them was 16 and the other was 28A player killed themselves and now Keemstar is organizing a tournament in their honor after making fun of this same person for being suicidal. Oh and a fight broke out at a tournament.
  13. Just remember whenever you start getting depressed about the scene because of some drama that happens we could never be in shit as deep as the Smash community is right now.
  14. The Xbox Twitter account asked what the top 3 games of all time were. Lots of people put Halo 3.
  15. I honestly don't understand why people are freaking out about a there being a pro team for Infinite just like there was for Guardians. I personally as a player can't enjoy a game if it's not balanced from the top down. If I'm losing to something in an unfair fashion and the reason for me losing has nothing to do with me improving as a player then I lose my patience very quickly.
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