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  1. I'm come back to this shit after not reading TB for a month or two. Wtf?
  2. Openess to change is literally my strongest personality trait. I scored one below the maximum score for it. There's a huge difference between necessary, beneficial societal evolution and a fucking video game. Oh and I'm a fucking hardcore liberal. God, this cunt is a fucking idiot.
  3. Epic is going to kill Fortnite if they continue to keep nerfing the uniqueness of their game.
  4. That was the number one reason that I hated Halo 5's campaigns. Yes it had very subpar writing, pushed 343 into a narrative tight spot, and had very misleading advertising but the biggest offense for me was that it made some of the best moments in 4 completely meaningless. 5 completely invalidated everything that happened in 4.
  5. I think there's a gif somewhere comparing Halo 3 to Halo 5 and it actually took less time to move somewhere for Halo 3 then Halo 5.Edit: Found it. https://gfycat.com/dizzynegativeamethystsunbird
  6. This is TB: haven and shelter of toxicity some reasonable, some unreasonable. What did you expect?
  7. It'll be their engine so they'll be able to do more with it. They'll know more about it and be able to tweak it more than if it was either Frostbite or Unreal. They'll be able to specialize it for Halo. Look at at all the problems PUBG is having with bugs because they're licensing someone else's engine.
  8. People on TB: "343 should create or buy a new game engine. This old one sucks!" 343: "we're creating a new game engine but it's going to take awhile because yah know making a new game engine is a long exhaustive process." People on TB: "What?!? 343 you fucking idjits. I can't wait that long"
  9. I'm going to laugh so hard if no Halo 6 is announced because this forum will have a meltdown.
  10. He lives on in our hearts and minds brother. Do not mourn for him. He wants us to spread the good news and be joyful.
  11. The last dying gasps of a venerable, weakened poster before he's overwhelmed by the hungry powerposters eager to take his position as the alpha.
  12. Oof, copying a low quality poster like myself? How far you've fallen.

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