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  1. Another thing I think no one has talked about that is an issue for me with BR starts is the inability to punish those who choose to run away instead of fighting. This will probably be more of a low ELO problem... But with how high TTKs are and with shields being able to recharge while sprinting I could see running away being an endemic problem.
  2. That is realistic. Literally remove the bloom on the Commando and boom you have all of that except the projectile part which isn't really that important.
  3. Currently in the middle of an internet argument with someone who believes Spartan Charge was "fun". Does anyone have a clip of that dude doing a literal fucking U-turn to hit someone?
  4. There's no difference in ttk between holding down the trigger and tap firing. That and tap firing while it does have bloom it's neglible enough that bullet magnetism will make it not noticeable most of the time. Bloom needs to go though. That should be our next goal as a community then we can move to something like commando or sidekick starts. Also Commando has a 21 round magazine so almost room for 3 kills.
  5. I grouped 4 and default Reach because IMO debating which of them is better is like trying to decide which rotten tomato looks slightly more appetizing. @Basu The Halo nerd in me is 100% going to spend my shift today looking for this video.
  6. Don't forget they wanted breakout to be the competitive game mode too. Honestly, I'll take your word for it. The 2 Halo games I have the most time in are CE and 5 so all the games with BR starts kinda blend together for me in terms of how easy the utility weapon is to shoot. I'll invest some time into the comp playlist once Infinite launches and see if my opinion changes.
  7. Personally I'd go CE >>> H2 = H5 pistols only >>>>>>>>> ZBNS Reach > Halo Infinite > Halo 3 > Halo 5 with ARs and Gaydar >>>>>>>>>>>>>> H4 = Default Reach Edit: Fully aware I'll be crucified for this but I'll stand by it.
  8. What if I told you I thought the BR was easy in those games too and that that was unacceptable? H2A is a joke. H3 has random spread and an easy to use BR. Halo 2 and 5 get a pass because 2 compensates with button combos and 5 has pistol starts (and makes up for it with a movement skillgap). The BR in Halo has yet to have 1 implementation that hasn't made the game teamshotty as fuck.
  9. At least that gun wouldn't aim itself for me. https://twitter.com/Snip3down/status/1441288025200218117?t=MRsJGmRKEPkcm9wZWO4c3A&s=19
  10. No motion tracker, no nade hitmarker, br starts, no AR (Unless I missed it in the Livestream). So close to greatness yet so far. Hopefully they reduce bullet magnetism substantially on the BR but I know that won't that happen
  11. Aim assist is hard because that's something you have to feel out so it's subjective to people's personal biases and memories. Bullet mag though is easy. Pull up infinite training ground and see at what point you get red reticle with precision weapons such as the Sidekick, BR, and Commando. BR is about the same as previous games where just a slight bit of the outside reticle touching turns it red. Not good but also not really different from the BR in 2, 3, or 4. Commando iirc is a little bit more than the BR but still doesn't require anything more than a third of the reticle for it to turn red. Sidekick requires a full half which is way more than anything but CE. As far as the starting weapon debate goes for me it's all about which has the most potential to be good. The BR has multiple problems with it that 343 has a history of not wanting to fix. Bullet magnetism on the BR is atrocious. 343 has shown themselves completely and totally unwilling to reduce aim assist or bullet mag values. I don't think I've actually seen it ever in any of 343's patch notes. TTK on the BR is at fucking Reach and Halo 4 levels. Welcome to teamshot for fucking days. BR is a burst weapon so there's much more forgiveness for missing a shot. Let's reduce that individual player power some more yeah? Only problem on the Commando and Sidekick is bloom which 343 has shown themselves willing to remove in 2 different games before. And no I really I don't care if people here don't like how spammy the gun because it doesn't feel right. Competitive settings aren't about what feels the best. It's what's competitive and fair so the fact they feel "spammy" is irrelevant.
  12. I want you to do me a favor and google "Is ___ game dead". Literally, every post or article you find answering that question will be talking about population unless you specifically say something about the eSports side. Extremely specific my ass.
  13. Here's a thought. How about you reply to my PM since you felt the need to PM me (and invite @Shekkles ) to bug me about what I plus and neg-rep. Really subpar trolling in my DMs if you can't follow through on it.
  14. If people can find games the game isn't dead. Not my fault that people's definition of dead has been dumb ever since Twitchtards got ahold of it. Is the competitive scene dead? Honestly probably yes but that's different from the game and you'd have to be a fucking moron to argue Halo's comp scene has been on anything less than life support the last 11 fucking years. Be specific. Don't backpedal and go "hurr durr, clearly I was talking about the eSports scene."
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