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  1. People in this competitive community think they have it bad I'm subscribed to the Fortnite competitive subreddit just so I can see each of their weekly dramas that are so much worse than what we have. Whether it be Epic rewarding a cheater prize money for their international competition and not banning him for life to their established reputation of removing guns that require any skill, buffing unskillful guns, and adding OP weapons with Zero testing days before finals
  2. And sometimes "ridiculous" ideas like that work out really well. You'd probably be against a weapon having a stun effect? The plasma rifle in CE had a stunning effect before the port fucked it up. If 343 insists on adding so many weapons to the sandbox there's only so many roles they can fill before they're going to have to start adding "ridiculous" effects to the weapons to keep them unique.
  3. I wasn't really paying attention the first time I read his post The only well balanced and best balanced Bungie game was CE. Arguably also the best balanced Halo game period.
  4. All these people who have only played the MCC pc version talking like they're experts on CE's weapon balancing.
  5. When have they listened before? We wouldn't have changed anything. 343 isn't doing this because they're worried about scaring off people who dislike advanced mobility. Most of those people have left or like me will continue to play and try their best to ignore it (usually failing). I don't know why they didn't show it but I do know they haven't had 5 years to develop the next game. You can't just hit a big red button and transfer everything from the old engine to the new one.
  6. They've been working on the new engine until a year or two ago so they haven't really been "working on the game for 5 years."
  7. I thought it was confirmed Spartan Charge was gone? I'm looking forward to E3 yet again. All the tears spilled, salt thrown, and meltdowns had on this website always entertain me. And if Sprint is somehow removed that will be even more entertaining and also make me happy.
  8. Literally the worst version of Halo. 4 has nothing on Vanilla Reach.
  9. What's funny is that every time he leaves people miss him because this place has almost 0 interesting discussion right now with no launch news and everyone's ambivalent attitudes.
  10. Welcome to game development. This is hardly specific to 343. Alot of devs will communicate a certain time for updates then miss those times.
  11. Does anyone have a link to the Halo 4 pro match where both sides had 0 kills and just ran away from each other the entire time?
  12. I'm come back to this shit after not reading TB for a month or two. Wtf?
  13. Openess to change is literally my strongest personality trait. I scored one below the maximum score for it. There's a huge difference between necessary, beneficial societal evolution and a fucking video game. Oh and I'm a fucking hardcore liberal. God, this cunt is a fucking idiot.

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