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  1. Don't know what @Boyo is asking here. ARs need to become more difficult to use to not be OP. They are the noob weapon of Halo.
  2. And I think what Faeyrn is saying here is that it's a waste of time if half the sandbox is never used and I agree. The biggest problem with Halo as a series is that more than half the sandbox is in this cancerous area where they're situational, unskilled weapons that should never be powerful because then they'd be OP due to their ease of use. It's okay to have a couple weapons like that but when half your sandbox is like that... One should consider redesigning weapons such as the AR to take actual skill. Then you could actually make them competitive with the BR.
  3. +1, ban him for bamboozling us all and giving me blue balls.
  4. I mean you should have some awareness since players carrying a powerup will leave a distinct trail behind them based on the powerup they have. If anything that's more information that you'll get than a player who's carrying a sniper or rocket in their back pocket.
  5. If there really are headshot multipliers for shielded players that would be hype. A huge way to increase skill gap with a very small change.
  6. Probably not. Esports Engine would probably have to hear the same feedback from a coalition of pros or comp people who already had alternate settings to offer to compensate for stretched maps. https://imgur.com/JM7fYsE Found an old poster of TTKs for Halos. For some reason TB isn't letting me insert as image so here's a link. I won't lie, Halo Infinite's TTK sitting around the same time (if it is 1.61) as Halo 4's Carbine and Reach's DMR makes me nervous.
  7. Pure arena shooters are very small right now in general. Ironically, Quake Champions is actually doing better than Diabotical and any of the other dime a dollar reboots. In terms of population only UT4, which Epic abandoned, is doing better than QC. Speaking of UT4 what their community is doing is actually pretty impressive. Epic abandoned UT4 in Alpha but the community still has several thousand dollar tournaments every month just for UT4. A small but very active competitive community that doesn't give a fuck what Epic does. Halo comp fans could take a lesson but never will.
  8. I don't know about y'all but I browse TeamBeyond so I can see unmoderated 5 page long internet slap fights about Halo in all their glory.
  9. Da fuck are you on about? CS isn't tactical??
  10. The less playlists the better for playlist quetimes. Give people a server browser and let them sort it out on their own.
  11. Melee lunges are not inherently bad. It's the complementary aim assist that makes it bad.
  12. Except they're not obsolete to all the people who don't need or want cutting edge graphics and fps. If the Xbox one is obsolete then I guess every pc that isn't bleeding edge is obsolete too.
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