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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/GoldenSillySandpiperAMPTropPunch Super interesting, wonder how it would have played out if it happened. Final Boss could have then had a claim to having arguably the best rosters in Halo/COD history. Hope to somehow see the name come back one day, maybe even MLG granting permission for it to be used in one of these grassroots comps.
  2. The Pro League setup by itself was not a healthy way to support a scene, which was where most of the complaints that I saw came from. An Online Pro League should always be accompanied by Open Events (which didn't happen under ESL). Teams were locked out of competing against top teams for months on end, with their only chances being online qualifiers to play in an online league. I really enjoyed the Pro League as a non-us viewer as it was easy to catch up on and watch the games you were interested in at the end of the day. Hopefully in the next Halo we can have both!
  3. Super keen to see Snipedown and Saiyan playing together.
  4. The first step would be to try and match their aggression. Maybe Snipedown, Mikwen, Spartan, Saiyan? Will be fun to see what changes are made regardless.
  5. Should be going to a game 7, Rec threw away that first CTF. Great series.
  6. Don't care how easy the sniper is in H5, there's not a better sight than Snipedown taking heads.
  7. Man, all Rec needed was for one of the two players in front of Snipedown to turn around and finish off Lethul. Heartbreaking.
  8. Been waiting all morning for this game, hopefully it doesn't disappoint.
  9. Personally as a spectator Group Stages where 75% of the teams go through (with these teams known as soon as the groups are announced pretty much) just makes the first day non essential for viewing. Someone made a WC reference before and it's spot on. Some groups will be harder, but for me that makes the viewing experience better. Can understand as a competitor why you wouldn't like the format though.
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