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  1. To3 LF1 Hey guys, team of 3 looking for a skilled player to fill our 4th spot and compete in ESL under the org Prime eSports. I am the current owner of the org so I can organise possible apparel sponsorships, funding etc in the future. If you are at least Onyx in Team Arena and communicate well, feel free to DM me on twitter @theogzanty or Add me on XBL - Zanty for more info. Thanks for reading guys!
  2. TO3 LF1 to fill an open spot on our Halo 5 team. Currently looking for a player to play permanently under the Org OutlastGG. We have a possible funding opportunity depending on tournament placements in the near future. Requirements: - Player will need to be at least minimum Onyx CSR in either Team Arena or Slayer. - Must know most call outs on the rotation maps. - Must be polite and willing to bond with teammates. - Must be able to take constructive criticism from teammates in order to improve when needed. - Must be available to compete in Open Circuit Cups on Saturday Afternoons. If you are interested in this position, feel free to reply to this post, follow me on Twitter @theogzanty, or add my GT - Zanty and send me a message with your interest. Thank you for reading, GLHF! - Zanty
  3. XBL - Zanty Location - Staffordshire, UK Played Halo since Halo 2, looking to get some more competitive experience. Looking to improve my own play and communication. Open to constructive feedback etc. Peaked 2.3k Onyx August Season currently grinding for champ.
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