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  1. there is currently not going to be a custom search browser at launch, but will be added later on. you can dd friends and invite them to play, exactly how you do it on xbox if you want to play on ladders. you add the person, set up the map and game type, after the BO3 you report your score with a photo.
  2. will anyone be hosting 8s on PC >? just reply with a way of contacting you also if anyone knows any websites like GB or PGL that host ladders for PC
  3. Hello guys and girls, not sure how i have never been on this forum before, been playing halo since halo 2 and have been playing comp for around 6 years. highest Rank in halo 3 is of course 50, a legit one at that and a 42 in halo 2 FFA. barley played halo 5, but i now have a PC and am wondering if anyone knows of any websites that are going to do online ladders for PC using Customs.
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