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  1. Personal stories to me will always be superior to impersonal "save the world" stories. But fine, let's see what you have to say. Agreed. Lore-wise they're pretty cool, but actually fighting them is a bit of a chore. I think they were improved in Halo 5. Agreed. Halo 4's campaign's level design is by far its weakest aspect. Too much running down linear paths, pressing buttons, and shutting down generators. It's not that they were generic, it's just that the covenant weren't the main focus. They were just kinda there as a consequence of trying to revive the Didact. So even if they were generic, how does it detract from the actual plot? There actually are a collection of in-game terminals that do a decent job of explaining where the Didact comes from, what's his beef with the humans, and so on. This is where we agree to disagree. Halo 4's music was the tits. Yeah, Halo has never had truly great writing. My whole point was that Halo 4 is the first game to do so.
  2. It really doesn't, and as part of my undying love for the campaign, I'm obliged to defend it. Their relationship could've gone a number of ways, and what we got was probably the best version. Halo 4 brought up the ethics of the Spartan II program, whether or not Chief is more man or machine, personal struggle over world-ending threats—and these ideas echo throughout the campaign. It keeps reminding you both in dialogue and in character reactions the inevitable doom that is to come, till eventually Chief talks to Lasky about being more than a machine. Halo 4 has actual narrative flow, where scenes are appropriately timed to fit character motivations and themes, while other Halo games seem to not give a shit. Halo 4 also has character development, that is, its characters actually remember and reflect on recent events. I agree the whole Librarian thing was confusing, but that's about the only thing they executed poorly. The Didact was a pretty great villain. He's far more threatening than the Prophets, and unlike the Gravemind he actually does stuff. And if you're lore-savvy he's a tragic villain whom you can easily sympathize with. In a nutshell, what makes Halo 4's story great is that it focused on individual struggle, while other Halo games relied more or less on "save the world" tropes. The only other game that comes close is ODST, but that's ruined by some pacing issues and underdeveloped plot points.
  3. I agree with your points on CE and 3, but 2's campaign just seems monstrously overrated. Its story was heavily criticized at launch (not just because of Arbiter gameplay), and I'm left confused as to why people's minds have changed. Halo 4 is probably the only Halo that has legit good writing. Unlike any other game in the franchise, 4 was actually nominated by the Golden Joystick awards for best storytelling, and it won IGN's people's choice award for best story of 2012, beating out Spec Ops: The Line, Walking Dead, and Far Cry 3.
  4. I've always wanted to see that 360-degree camera view for Banshees where it goes upside down if you fly upside down, like Battlefield or GTA.
  5. Isn't Blood Gulch, like, the most iconic/beloved map in the history of Halo? They're never getting rid of it. Upvoted for your bravery.
  6. I think what made Halo 3 so financially successful, as well as the one with the highest population peak, was its immense levels of content. There were a million game modes, everything from casual silliness to hardcore sweat, and for the first time you could create your own maps. Halo 3 still stands as the most revered Halo game among the general fandom for good reason.
  7. I'm becoming more and more convinced this game will be open world. Count me in. The risk is worth it.
  8. I better be able to ride the rhinos. That's the innovation we need.
  9. Regarding the prospect of Halo Infinite being open world, it can work. This isn't the first time an entree in a series of subsequently linear games has gone open world to stellar results (Witcher 3, MGSV, BotW, etc), the first one holding the world record for the most GOTY awards. It can obviously go wrong, sure, but let's not act like an open world design will spell doom for the series. And quite frankly, at this point I don't give a shit. Whatever works.
  10. Fuck Temeria and those illegal scoia'tael immigrants. The Continent belongs to Nilfgaard, that's how it always should've been. Gotta preserve that culture.
  11. I should have worded myself differently. I meant that whenever I get on Halo 5 I only play Infection. I still play other things like Dark Souls or Witcher 3. Also pretty hyped for Sea of Thieves.
  12. I legit only play Infection on Halo 5 now. I feel like I'm doing something wrong.
  13. I know this thread is old but lol I don't care. Geralt of Rivia from Witcher 3.
  14. As long as the game cures cancer I don't care how long it takes to come out.
  15. *reading through comments* Good thing I'm a Cucknadian.
  16. CDPR will save us all. If you don't like Activision/EA/Ubisoft for their conduct, you owe it to yourself to get Cyberpunk 2077.
  17. Maybe I'm dumb for asking this, but do your ranks still get reset every month/season/whatever?

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