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  1. What’s the difference between a “like” and an “upvote”? They both seem to have the exact same connotation, and when I like a post I never know which to pick. Sorry but this has been bugging me for a while.
  2. AR projectile no aim assist or magnetism perfect ttk = 0.1 sec, average ttk = 5 sec Infinite ammo melee takes up stamina glitches preferably bad connection /s
  3. At what point in Halo 4 was Master Chief an "overly emotional basket case"? He showed a little bit of emotion, which is to say he showed emotion at all, but that's a far cry from normal characters like Cortana. Even Geralt shows more emotion than him, and that's a character who's literally described as being emotionless.
  4. All the people who say Master Chief doesn’t need any depth and should just be a husk for the players are to the campaign what sprint fans are to multiplayer. A flat character with no personality traits is objectively bad writing—you can’t defend that, unless you think story in video games doesn’t matter and that every FPS should just be like Doom.
  5. Multiplayer might suck because of sprint but on a more optimistic note, IIRC they stated that they wanted to tell a more "human" story with a focus on the Master Chief. In their recent video they mostly show cutscenes from Halo 4 and pretty much nothing from 5. We also have the Batman Arkham guy as the lead writer. Does this mean we're getting a H4-esque story? If yes then I'm so down. I really want those ethical man-or-machine themes to return.
  6. My favourite tracks: Yeah I included H4. That game's soundtrack is seriously underrated.
  7. virgin multiplayer peasant vs chad single player master race
  8. Yo guys, let's suppose that they were removing all H5 spartan abilities from Infinite except for one, and in his hypothetical scenario you absolutely had to keep one. Which would it be? To play a process of elimination: -No sprint for self-explanatory reasons (ruins game flow, stretches out maps, etc) -No sprint means no spartan charge or slide -No ground pound because fuck that was stupid -No clamber since that also negatively affects map design -No thruster because you can't shoot while using it I guess I'd keep stabilize. Seems like an alright ability to me.
  9. People here have criticized H5’s sandbox for being too large and thus creating redundant weapons, but I honestly don’t mind that too much. What is more important for HI’s sandbox is a utility weapon with a fast perfect ttk and a slow average ttk. (Maybe something like 0.7 sec to 1.4 sec) This is pretty easy to pull off, and I’m not sure why they don’t do it other than fear of making the game too hard. I doubt they’d make the gap that large, but something close to it would be a step in the right direction. Like shit, CS:GO’s average ttk is something like 4 times longer than its perfect ttk. That game’s skill gap is insane.
  10. Top 10 games of this generation (objectively): Witcher 3 Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone That Gwent minigame in Witcher 3 The ads for Cyberpunk 2077 Minecraft Cuphead Shovel Knight Dark Souls Remastered if it was a good remaster Skyrim Switch edition
  11. I mean, I agree that Half Life's gunplay isn't that great, but why tell me that? I never defended it. I was talking about the gravity gun. It's a cool weapon because it's physics-based, and you can do stuff like levitate a piece of metal in front of you and use it as a shield, or throw explosive barrels instead of waiting for enemies to walk by them. It's certainly more fun to use than anything CE has. But in terms of deep gameplay I'm more focused on BioShock. Here's the important difference between Halo and BioShock. In BioShock ever weapon has a purpose and you need to use all of them every once in a while; this makes sense since you have all your weapons available at once, so it lends itself to that design. Can't say the same thing for Halo, because you only have two weapon slots. None of the fights in CE (or any Halo game for that matter) can be all that strategic, since the developers can't know which guns you'll be carrying at any given time, save for the weapons you start with. So they have to streamline the gameplay where you can get through every fight with at least your pistol/AR. But in BioShock there are tons of scenarios where you have to figure out how to use your plasmids, weapons, and gadgets to overcome them. Some enemies require armor piercing rounds, others need to be burned or zapped before they become vulnerable, and others are best dealt with by sneaking up behind them. You can try to play CE in some clever way, but simple headshots with a pistol and/or chucking grenades will solve 95% of the enemy encounters in that game, and there's such a constant stream of ammo that you never have to worry about running out. I guess for enemies in vehicles you need either the sniper or rocket, so... I guess that's better than nothing.
  12. I'd really hate to criticize CE too much, since I genuinely do like its campaign, but in terms of level design and innovation, it's nothing special compared to Half Life or BioShock. If you just want frenetic shooters like Doom or Halo, sure, you might not care for BioShock. The latter game requires a significant level of environmental awareness and planning ahead, and you generally have to rely on most of your guns and gadgets to get through smoothly (unless you're playing on a low difficulty setting). That's why some guns freeze enemies, other guns set traps, others hack into places. There's also plasmids that can effect the environment or distract enemies. In CE none of that happens; it's only really viable to run and gun (why else is there so much ammo in the game?), and stealth is practically nonexistent. I don't see how CE's gameplay has as much depth as you're giving it. All the guns do the same thing: make enemies take damage. It's just a matter of how much. Sniper does most damage to the head; rockets do AOE damage; plasma guns do a lot of damage to shields but less so to health. It's pretty standard stuff. By "enemies having unique relationships with various guns," I assume you mean certain guns simply do more damage to certain enemies than others. Oh look, there's a Hunter; just gotta shoot it three times in the back with a pistol to kill it. No real creativity involved. (It would be cool if you could make Hunters go berserk and start attacking everything and everyone, but no, you just gotta shoot it). In that case, it absolutely is a matter of "shoot it until it dies." Like that's literally what Halo campaigns are: you kill waves of enemies. I'm really baffled by your claim here. What else is the point of shooting enemies in CE if not to kill them? To lure them away? You can do that in a lot of other games. Maybe you're doing some sort of challenge where you don't try to kill many enemies? It's dubious no matter how you shuffle it. How does anything in CE's gunplay match the depth of the gravity gun from HL2? You don't even have to kill enemies with that thing, although you can; you use it to creatively manipulate the area around you: stack things together, move things out of the way, launch almost anything at enemies, etc. CE is the least linear of the games, but that doesn't matter so much when it has the least amount of valuable exploration. Seriously, what's the point in exploring CE's mostly empty environments? To find easter eggs that add nothing to the gameplay, I guess? In BioShock the level design is set up almost like a maze, kinda like Metroid. You explore, get rewarded for it, and then you have the advantage with knowledge of the layout of the map. Even the tanky enemies (I assume you mean the Big Daddies) reward you. You don't even have to kill most of them, but it's generally worth it. I really shouldn't be surprised that people are picking Halo over Half Life on a Halo forum. Not sure what I expected.
  13. Seriously? Even from a gameplay standpoint, you think CE’s campaign is better than freaking Half Life, BioShock, or the original Crysis? I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion, however objectionable it is.

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