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  1. Chess truly is the greatest game ever made. Nothing even comes close.
  2. Maybe you want to use it across the map where the enemies are hiding, and it degrades slower in your pocket than active. In any case it doesn’t hurt to give the player options.
  3. Like others have pointed out, a good way to prevent players from retreating back to their base with the OS is to have its effect degrade over time, and if you hold onto it indefinitely it’ll break or something. It’s also good that it takes a second to activate, so you can’t just use the OS in a firefight when you’re about to die.
  4. *flexes in superior relevance, popularity, favouritism, and player retention* Just how do H3 chads keep doing it?
  5. B-but… old game good, new game bad.
  6. Halo 3 chads, we just can’t stop winning can we?
  7. You know, according to Buddhism, the main source of suffering is desire and attachment to things. The path to happiness and alleviation from suffering is to detach oneself from one’s desires of the material world. So if you want to be happy, stop wanting Halo to go back to its roots. It’s never going to happen, and you’ll be unhappy for nothing.
  8. I believe Halo Infinite will be a good game!!!! I BELIEVE
  9. What are the chances we’ll get a “classic” game mode with sprint and clamber disabled?
  10. It’s doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting a different result. That is crazy.
  11. Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?
  12. Imagine criticizing H4/5 for low population count and then shitting on H3.
  13. The standard by which these games supposedly suck is pretty much always in comparison to CE.
  14. I’m sorry but all the people who, after 10+ years, are still complaining how the newest Halo game isn’t exactly like CE need to take their meds.
  15. To be more optimistic, this game looks a lot better than Halo 4/5, kinda like a mix of H3 and Reach. Which isn’t ideal, obviously, but it’s still a step in the right direction and something I’ll be playing.
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