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  1. So here's my mini review/overview/rant about Cyberpunk 2077. Pros: -Amazing writing (characters and story are really good, as expected; there are lots of feels to be felt) -Most incredible and detailed open world I've ever seen (it especially looks god-like w/ ray-tracing) -Gunplay is surprisingly good, lots of cool weapons to try out -Side quests (aka side gigs) are all very diverse and well done -Soundtrack is great Cons: Things can that be fixed with patches/updates within the next 3–6 months: -Bugs, lots of them -Bad optimization -Quality of life improvements, like de-zooming the forsaken mini map -Balancing issues (perks, weapon damage, etc) -Economy issues (why are cars so expensive?) Things that can't so easily be fixed: -Civilian AI, police AI, enemy AI, driving AI – all terrible. Ai is bad across the board. -Police/wanted system sucks dick, police will literally spawn behind you and start shooting you over the most minor crimes (to be fair, other games like GTA do this too, but they hide it by having the police spawn several blocks away and drive towards your location with sirens) -Character customization after you make your character, such as haircuts, tattoos, etc. (do barbers not exist in 2077?) -Overhaul needed to weapon rarity (isn't based on lore such as what manufacturer made them, but more on MMO-esque mechanics such as coloured rarities) -Random events/radiant quests happening in the world -Things to do aside from quests (e.g. mini games) List of missing features: -NPC AI was supposed to be "dynamic" and "realistic," but NPCs don't have any daily routines or realistic behaviour; they do the same animation forever until you leave the area -Trauma team was supposed to play a more significant role, but they're barely in the game -Police system was supposed to be immersive and trigger random events (e.g. you could bribe them to look away from your crimes). None of this exists. -Hacking and stealth are very simplistic, looked way more involved in the trailers -Day/night cycle was supposed to have some relevance to world/gameplay, but it's a purely cosmetic change -Factions/gangs that control different parts of the city, being able to affect your reputation with them, realistic encounters, etc. None of this exists. -Lifepaths aren't as meaningful as we were led to believe -Braindances were supposed to be a significant part of the game. Not so anymore. -No weapon or vehicle customization -Can't buy new apartments or real estate -Parts of the city are inaccessible, likely for DLC purposes -Subway system was removed -World was supposed to be a "living, breathing ecosystem." Depends on who you ask but I don't think we got this. I can be an optimist and assume they'll pull a No Man's Sky with a bunch of updates, but frankly that might be expecting too much. I don't know. It's still a pretty good game, and even a great game once they fix the bugs and add in some of the improvements I mentioned, but it's not the masterpiece it very clearly has the potential to be. Which is a shame. It's extremely jarring to compare Cyberpunk 2077 to Witcher 3 and observe the drastic difference of quality. Witcher 3 had such a real-feeling world with so many things to do and things that clicked together, where seemingly everything had some effect on something else. Everything just worked.™ Unfortunately, Cyberpunk 2077 is only a fraction of that quality. It was supposed to save us from the nightmare that is 2020, but it just made it worse given all the wasted marketing and hype. Well... At least I can look forward to that next-gen update for Witcher 3.
  2. Why would I have to imagine it? That’s exactly what has happened.
  3. >potential 2022 delay I really hope 343 gets disbanded after Halo Infinite launches and we get a different studio.
  4. Great idea, we should have a bid war. I don’t want to play on maps made by poor people.
  5. Have you ever tried cs go or source? It might be up your alley.
  6. Who can even make good Halo games anymore? 343 obviously sucks at it but I wouldn’t want Bungie anywhere near this franchise either.
  7. Why yes, the only weapon I use in CE and H2 multiplayer is the Needler. How could you tell?
  8. The game still has sprint, clamber, and slide. All they’re gonna do is improve the graphics. I don’t know why everyone is so happy.
  9. Since we’re on this topic, I feel it pertinent to mention why Cyberpunk 2077 is being hyped up so much and why it will almost certainly be winning most GOTY awards, which is in spite of the fact that it’s open world or the fact that CDPR is making it. The thing is that Cyberpunk gives the player a positively absurd amount of freedom, to the point where I’m trying to think of the things you can’t do in the game. This freedoms includes -You can’t ever “fail” a quest, unless you die. That means you can completely fuck up the objectives, or even do the opposite of what you’re supposed to do, and that will become part of the story and the game will keep going. In the words of the developers, you’ll have to “deal with the consequences.” https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.shacknews.com/article/107005/cyberpunk-2077-players-have-to-deal-with-the-consequences-of-failed-quests%3famphtml=1 -You can beat the game without completing the main quest line, which means you can go off the beaten path and do whatever you want to create your own conclusion. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/screenrant.com/cyberpunk-2077-main-story-quest-multiple-endings-path/amp/ -It’s possible to be a pacifist and beat the game without killing anyone. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.pcgamer.com/amp/you-can-finish-cyberpunk-2077-without-killing-anyone/ -You can choose your own backstory and where you initially spawn in the world -In general, the world looks dense as hell with countless interesting things to do and see The last time I saw a game with this much freedom was Planescape: Torment, which came out in 1999. This is partly what makes it stand out from other open world games.
  10. Sounds like you’ve only played the mediocre Ubisoft or Bethesda games. There are plenty of open world games that match those descriptions: Baldur’s Gate, Witcher 3, BotW, New Vegas, Dark Souls (not fully open world but close enough), etc. Cyberpunk looks to be a good contender, too. But it’s also a matter of perspective. If you only like arena shooters then you’re never going to enjoy something like Baldur’s Gate or Planescape no matter how good they are, which isn’t something you can fault them for. It’s a different market.
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