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  1. It’s a social playlist released to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of H3. You’re taking it way too seriously.
  2. Looking for 2 for the Aventura Microsoft Store 4v4 in October. GT: Sicmind Location: Miami
  3. Have Tyrant CTF or (updated) Tourque been tested with HCS settings? I feel like those maps get overlooked, but maybe the pros just hate playing on them.
  4. Anyone know if there'll be relegation matches in ATL? Can't find anything on that.
  5. I've noticed that as well. Thought I was going crazy. I know it's 3 body shots when the shield breaks, but sometimes I feel I put 6 into people and they don't die. Could also be because I'm bad.
  6. Sorry I offended you. I want 343 to fix the problems too, but I still enjoy the game.
  7. I'm on Team Props for 343. Better late than never. Especially for a game I play everyday regardless of its issues.
  8. Any guesses on what the FFA settings will be for Daytona? Haven't seen any announcements on that.

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