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  1. My point exactly... He's never going to change, and that's not a teammate you can win with... Unless the game title is Halo 4 and it almost kills halo.. Then it's possible, but not in this game, so I'm not trying to "beat a dead horse" I'm trying to get the petition to drop ninja while you can to start going cause he's too inconsistent to constantly beat top teams... Enzo Amore I mean ninja is a good talker, but when it's time to shine he comes up short... They can keep Big Cass Victory and see where the chips fall.
  2. Roy's in the talks for top 5 best shots, but it isn't their shot it's their teamwork and more importantly that stupid idiot ninja thats the problem! Ninja makes individual horrible pushes too often that has costed EG insurmountable leads.. That's the problem with players like him either he goes HUGE like on 45-44 against E6 or he shits the bed... Like we've all seen way to many times... Now if EG Roy/Box excluded were best friends like me and KO (Kevin Owens) are best friends no one could ever touch them! Drink it in mannnn! #GiftOfJericho #IT
  3. Anyone see my best friend Kevin Owens win the Universal Championship on Raw a week ago against all those stupid idiots! #We'reTheBest #DrinkItInMannn #TheGiftOfJericho #IT
  4. How do I make my picture show up without this stupid link, if you don't tell me your going to get "It"
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