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  1. All of this started just because Ninja got salty he lost to Cratos
  2. Not fair from my part generalizing but I can guarantee I'll wake up to those posts, that clip gave me more reasons to be a Cratos fan.
  3. I know 80% of the people who post here are Ninja fans and probably gonna apologize for him, but are you seriously gonna be ok with this casual racism? EDIT: That impersonation was the most cringe one I've heard in a while.
  4. You'll get tired once we get to the 3rd tournament watching it over and over.
  5. I would prefer watching that mode and execution too (maybe another gamemode).
  6. Two of them are MOBAS and the other is the most competitive FPS out there. GOW is a console game that doesn't have that much of a meta and it only has one competitive gamemode right now, I don't see it having a lot of success in the long run.
  7. We should have spent this energy telling 343 to fix servers, fix aim lag and ghost melees. PRIORITIES
  8. Does competitive Gears only have 1 gamemode? That is so boring.
  9. I love the Gears franchise and absolutely love the multiplayer but it's so weird for me to watch competitive, I don't know what's even happening half the time.
  10. They are just a cool dumb variant nothing special, don't try to say that they are the best thing ever created.
  11. I never said it was a bad thing and if you want those settings being the norm again your best bet is Halo 6 or H3A if it even happens.
  12. It removes sprint, thrust, stabilizer, clamber and it completely removes the vision of what the game was intended. They are cool changes for custom games that's it.
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