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  1. Any idea on how to lower it or am I just screwed?
  2. I live in Ohio and could show you clip after clip of blanks shots. It happens in 90% or more of the games I play. I also definitely struggle with this more in ranked playlists than social. The argument that the social playlists have a higher population, thus better chance at a better connection is false because of 343's recent announcement on the Skirmish playlist. Blank shots are almost nonexistent for me in Skirmish, especially when compared to slayer, arena, HCS, etc. As for #2, that happens but not as frequently as blank shots occur. But one thing that seems to really confuse me is landing the last shot. If it isn't my reticle flying all over the place after popping someone shields, it's the opponent having a split second of the most convenient lag I've ever seen and them lag jumping a hair outside of my reticle. Here's a perfect example: https://streamable.com/uyl1d Dealing with all of this is incredibly frustrating especially when you do get those glimpses of how great this game is when it's playing the way it should. I've purchased new routers, Xbox's, both digital and hard copies, new modems and nothing seems to fix it. I have Spectrum with 60 down, 6-10 up, and my latency is roughly 50ms on average and yet I still can't ever get a good, solid, consistent connection. But yet when I watch players like shotzzy whenever he streams, he doesn't run into a fraction of a percent of the crap I run into every single game.
  3. Check out bubu's stream right now. Where'd he get that sick pistol skin from?!
  4. Constant video/audio problems, Xbox's crashing, and 2 championship bracket matches off stream? Clearly the fans and the community need to get their shit together.
  5. Dude it's posts like these that causes the halo fan base/community to shrink day by day. Regardless of the content, the question or the post why give him shit if it's a genuine question? Instead of making him feel like an idiot for asking a question to potentially help better the game we all love, maybe provide something constructive so we can keep as many of us around as possible.
  6. Good shit I'm amped about this! I'll be at UGC this weekend so won't be able to play this Saturday but still wanna throw my gt out there for other days going forward. GT: supafastguy
  7. Totally understand where you're coming from but i play enough to know when I'm aiming bad and when the game decides to aim for me. I have no problem excepting my fuck ups or criticism on my game because I'm always trying to get better. But It just feels like the reticule and the opponents head mimic the same properties of two magnets propelling away from one another. It's a totally unnatural feeling that almost seems like its on purpose at times.
  8. You don't even have to rank. Have you ever seen the accounts that have only 4 total matches played in a ranked match? I know this because like i said in my last post, I tested this on my bro's new gt about a week ago. This is when I started digging and came across this. I was still playing against plats, diamonds and onyxs but i was averaging 5-6 perfects a game against them while having k/d's of 25-5, averaging a 22 kda. I mean even your hit markers were more defined. Edit: It was such a vast difference from my SR 146+ account I didn't want to stop because the whole time I kept saying "this is how the game should be played" Ever heard of a netduma? You can actually see what servers you're connecting to, the location of them, and the latency of those servers. It even has a geofilter to help those who live in BFE connect to the best possible server. Needless to say I connected to the same servers, with a different account, and now all of my shots/melees are connecting against all players of all ranks.
  9. Let's go test this out in split screen... Oh wait. Well let's try it out in LAN... Oh shit. Guys not including these features isn't just laziness. Remember that matchmaking algorithm update back in February? For all of you FFA players out there, this is by far the MOST notable Playlist that shows this is actually apart of the game. Ever notice how you can consistently have a hard time hitting the unranked or MUCH lower ranked person? Ever notice how a majority of the time the unranked wins in FFA? My brother recently moved in and wanted to start playing so I created an account for him. All I have to say is, play on a new account and you will see the truth. I played against a lot of the same people probably due to a lower population in this Playlist, and won EASILY. I'm talking beating onyx's without a second thought as an unranked.
  10. Take it or leave it, but please read it. I'm convinced at this point it's integrated in some way. http://hci.usask.ca/uploads/357-p2255-vicencio-moreira.pdf
  11. Definitely mastered haha had me going there for a sec. My apologies on the criticism EagleBurn.
  12. How so? As Halo's largest community we've voiced our opinion thousands if not millions of times on topics such as this, but have never received any response from 343 whether it be a "yes let's give it a go" or even a "we see where you coming from but we respectfully disagree". What's truly disrespectful is the lack of engagement that 343 has with their biggest community. Personally I'm excited to see how it plays out. I'm not saying it should be the standard because we haven't seen how it will effect the gameplay. I also think that if this gets major support it'll be primarily from the competitive community rather than the community as a whole. So rather than outing the people that might not support this lets look at a possible solution: Ranked Team Arena - No Radar Social Team Arena - Radar included
  13. Yeah man add either or both of my tags and we'll run a little bit later! Same goes for anyone else!
  14. Hey guys and gals. My name's Nick aka supafastguy or L1TE SHOT. Like most of you I play a game called Halo quite a bit. I recently discovered TB and decided to create an account. If I'm being honest this is my first forum account for ANYTHING. I wish I would have discovered this place much sooner seeing as I can relate with most of you and love to see all of your guys opinions and feedback on our favorite game. I started playing Halo on release day of OG Xbox with CE(my favorite of the Halo's but don't worry I won't bias opinions down your guys throats). Halo 5 is the first of the Halo's though that I've taken seriously as far as competitive gaming goes. Some of the reasons/goals I decided to make my first ever forum account here are: Make a name for myself and get the "SUPA" name out there. Look for other competitive players that play this game not just to win, but because of the love they have for Halo. Share constructive ideas and opinions on how to make competitive Halo AND social Halo better. And most importantly, supporting the community to help Halo as an eSport grow as much as possible(with or without me directly involved). I honestly play more than I should, but hey, who cares when its something you love right? I'm always down to make new friends to game and grind with so add one or both of my Xbox Live accounts and lets have a good time. supafastguy L1TE SHOT
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