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  1. Just watch one team or one pov. Thats why its 4. U can just choose who to watch
  2. Nah. 4v4 chillout is dope. Action sack? more like all action.
  3. If all the anz people on this forum teamed up they could play 4s together in customs and not have to deal with american ping
  4. There a lot that goes into a vehicles effectiveness. Take the h3 warthog. Ignoring the laser for all of this cept sandtrap Avalanche: all the hotspots are uphill. This makes it not effective on the map other than for transport and killing the hornet. Counters: power drain and rox on quick timers. Two bubbles as well. Standoff: all the spawns and approach points are pretty open. Warthog is easily the most powerful on this map. Counters are a power drain, pp, rox, stickies. But the issue is its too open that they dont have to get close. Valhalla: spawns are relatively safe. Lots of hills that break los. Base is untouchable pretty much. Lots of rocks to hide behind. Counters: banshee, missile pod, two pps, stickies, power drain. And with the cover u can sneak attack AR it pretty easily. Rats nest: all the action takes place in the middle. The sides are just death traps even without vehicles. The purpose of the warthog is to transport and get spawn kills. But to do that you need to clear the base first, which is pretty hard 6v8, so its not poorly balanced. Sandbox: basically standoff v2. Only you now a missle pod too and a chopper. A major difference is that turtling in your base is more effective. As u can cut off any shots from the front and shoot everyone behind you. Sandtrap: i think this map is complete shit btw. Warthogs are countered by warthogs. Angles are pretty bad some time. Choppers are fast on respawn, u do get ur own laser so theres that. Missle pod is close. Last resort: yeah dont think i even have to comment. Its basically useless on this map. Vehicles cant get everywhere and are not as good at hiding. The warthog takes two people too. The h3 banshee is only good when ur close to get ar’d to no health. I dont think its OP at all. I do think valhalla plays better without the banshee, but peope want to use the shit they used in campaign in mp. I dont think banshee breaks valhalla.
  5. Quake has powerups/weps tho. She wants quake except its lightning gun only and u get h5 abilities.
  6. Afk is a bigger problem than FF currently. Not that FF is in the best place. I dont care really if its ricochet or whatever. If We’re talking best solutions and not what can we trust 343 with, i would rather simply have a vote to kick with a system that bans people for toxic behavior. And not this temp ban bullshit mcc has. If u get a 1 hour ban on monday, you shouldnt get a 1 hour ban on tuesday. Or next monday. It should reset 30 days after your last ban. So if u get kicked for betraying twice on monday, banned for an hour. Again on tuesday? Banned for 2. Then keep increasing. Though we would also need a system to ban people for abusing the kick system. For richochet cons, It would be silly to ram your teammate at full speed in warthog, send him across the map with flag, and u just take the death. Or are we gunna make spartans immovable objects which is not as fun. Pushing flag guy with a banshee is fun.
  7. I searched the thread for something and i saw it then watched. I didnt see it the first time. Its not on the same frame as u fired its just on the same frame that the bullets appeared. You can also test this by doing trades. U wont ever trade standing next to each other shooting on the same frame. But if u go further distance away, you’ll trade every time because it doesnt delete bullets in travel. It behaves like projectile. The code says its projectile. Editing the code changes travel time. 343 dev says its projectile. Bungie says its hitscan 10 years ago. Im also not saying lead ur shots bro! The hitreg is garb regardless @boogerman just pause it and go frame by frame.
  8. And china is paying for the USA-Meixco border wall. Can't always believe what the higher ups tell us. 2 frames in between minimum and it's a 30fps video. I don't think bungie meant to lie. Lebel told us he didn't work on halo2 mp and it could very well be whoever wrote the article didn't work on h2 or that part of h2. There's projectile speed in the h2v code. the br is 400. if you change it to 1200, the br registers a lot better seemingly because the bullet is reaching the target 3x faster. so instead of 3 frames of the target moving, it's 1 frame. if you change the value to 10 it takes ages for the bullet to travel the distance featured above. edit: i guess i should have had a zero distance one for comparison
  9. ninja was paid 1m to stream apex for 2 days. keep that in mind. definitely an 8 figure contract. He doesn't need to make more than what he does on twitch now though. Ninja could easily think "I lucked out, fortnite is gunna die, I should get all the money I can while I can."
  10. h2 isn't hitscan tho. values for h1/h2/h3's utility are 300/400/180
  11. Damn mcc released when i was in my last year of college. Completely forgot about that since i played like 10 total games during college cuz mcc was that broke.
  12. Its just a hl bro chill. U can apply this to any skill jump like g1 to g2, bottom shotgun to top shotgun, bottom mid to top mid, top green to s1, bottom blue to top blue, gay jump to top blue. Or for a dif map, bottom open/closed to r1 on construct. It just proves u dont need hover or sprint to do skill jumps and putting ur gun away is not necessary and it comes with the benefit of not having all the negatives of sprint and clamber. Get rid of clamber (sprint and thrust for other reasons mainly), keep spring jumps, have ghost jumps, keep slide jumps, and bring back the rest of the cut jump mechanics from halo2/3.
  13. Lol no. It was pratically dead for h5. Its way better they wait and do it right tho i dont think theyll do it right
  14. standoff is alright. I wouldnt call it a defensive map thought i recognize u can stall the game. The thing is u do need to organize to get shit done. If camo and rox were on 1min timers, the map would play a lot better.
  15. Not my favorite map but what? In a world of pit, guardian, and construct, we gunna hate on standoff for defensively play? yes u can hide in the base but once rockets come up ur gunna get wiped, and the team will likely rotate ur spawn thrice for 3 more team wipes with the warthog and 2 supporting br members, or maybe two warthogs. I hardly call that rewarding defensive play.
  16. Well not with reach bloom since u can fire faster than it resets.
  17. U know how we should punish people who miss their first shot? They give their opponent a chance or a 2nd chance. Theres the punishment Boom. Solved. Next topic.
  18. the regular playlists dont have enough people to support em to max rank, a niche playlist isn't going to have enough no matter what. it has nothing to do with shitting on any community.
  19. We already have those dude. U need to buy the game before commenting on this thread
  20. lol of course not. might as well rank action sack for ranked obviously
  21. linking reddit threads just makes ur upvote null. gotta google the title then post the google link if u actually want upvotes. also it's known, gets talked about alot so no worries. it just depends if kornman can find a fix.
  22. just gunna piont out that this dude stopped firing on the left side to reset bloom but didn't do it for h5. tho i can't remember the ttk but i think h5's is faster anyway to offset that. edit: lol it's the recoil on the AR that's causing h5's to miss. and yeh, h3 is projectile so even if they're 1:1, they don't behave like 1:1. also test is bad. they both have spread/bloom so it literally means nothing. the best way to show difference in BM is to go on a modded version with 0 spread/bloom for both.

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