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  1. yeah thats a no from me bob. h4 is fucking terrible but halo reach with bloom is pure torture. i would have more fun walking across a garbage site barefoot.
  2. Ce 4s dont suck. Its just 2s are a lot better and require less people so why play 4s?
  3. there were 8,000 people playing halo 3 online and it wasn't official. though it was free. mcc has the chance to be a really good game. tho without a f2p model, i don't see it being very high after the hype dies down. mcc is gunna lack tons of features. it can't compete with dota2 or csgo or fortnite. h2 and CE are already on PC and they boast a population of 40 and 500-1000. mod support is definitely a game changer as it brings a new experience to every single old fan and creates infinite new content.
  4. The sniper is way stronger on MCC CE than any other gun. idk why this pistol debate is even happening. like the pistol is powerful and all but it still loses at all rangers to snipe. On OG, the pistol is only arguably the best mid range, which is perfectly fine. the sniper is the best at all ranges in h3, even mid and close, no argument. no1 talks about how the sniper in h3 is OP. people just love bandwagoning on memes. if you compare the pistol kills in the grand finals of beach lan of the ugc tournament of the winning team vs the total br kills of the same ugc finals for h3 (slayer only), ur gunna find that the br gets more kills/game. so stop with how the pistol dominates the ce metagame.
  5. Halo reach falls into none of those categories but the first unless ur assuming gold pro which i love but its not v7 popular
  6. We’re the reason h2a has a destructible element on every map. We were really pushing how that was cool in 2013-2014. Obviously no one thought they should put staglamited on lockout, we were talking about new maps but ofc 343/ca just slapped it on without thinking.
  7. Halo took tons of risk and they striked out every single time from 2010 onwards
  8. legend crouch stafes at 5:55, mcdick does it at 6:34, legend at 8:02, legend at 14:44 in the same video: 8:30 is an example of the magic of ce: 1 team has 1 OS player the other camo rockets. They both know where the other team is hiding. Yet the other team is able to make a huge play to kill camo rocket guy because of good shots and good awareness. He saw camo guy back down to red 1 so he was ready to look from the bottom to catch camo.
  9. we only have the population ranks and halo reach lost to cod the majority of the first year it released meanwhile halo 3 was #1 2+ years after release, for the majority of 2008, about half of 2009, and rarely in 2010. reach fell to 3rd and sat behind latest cod and 2nd latest cod then gta p.s. fuck nelson for deleting every single weekly thread.
  10. its not like h2/h3 where there's a window that stops you from crouching and you can crouch into run and ce has a good accel speed. and its still like a good mix up so i say it counts!
  11. went to finals. watched a few mins. here u go, 3mins 30s edit: tho he didnt crouch stafe, he did crouch which made legend, widely considered to have the best pistol, miss 3 shots
  12. you go back and forth the fastest on halo ce. it doesnt matter what the animation looks like. what matters is you know, making people miss. and wtf dude ur delusion. crouching in CE does a lot like making people miss headshots or shots in general, missing beatdowns, breaking plasma stun, etc. crouching doesnt do shit in h3.
  13. h1 literally has the fastest stafe in the series m8. also supports crouch strafing.
  14. esports exploded in 2011-2013 and we were stuck with the worst two games of the series after being near the top.
  15. Ah, yes. I'd much rather play horse shit than bull shit

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