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  1. I love to shit on h2 as much as the next guy but ive never been able to replicate the “aiming at the nuts give headshot” video. However i agree h2’s skill is definitely not defined by its aiming.
  2. The dick rock is the rock that looks like a dick
  3. Except when it doesnt. ie, rockets.
  4. The thing i like about reach is that my shots count unlike the shit thats is 1-3 mcc online. bloom is still the most game breaking mechanic ever done in halo.
  5. Most of the big streamers are playing hardcore so the gameplay isnt terrible
  6. There's so many new players in hardcore, it warms my heart
  7. U at least got to say pc fps game. Gamepads are common af on fighting games, platformers, and things like rocket league. mnk was 3 frames of input lag on 60fps last flight which aint good but its not the 200ms on that reddit post
  8. im sure construct plays better on reach than h3 but i'd rather play a non-remake than play just remakes. we got pit and sanc. and if u watch any pros play the most complained about gametype is construct in general and guaridan ball, mainly because they always go to time though that's not the sole reason. same goes for a wizard remake. enjoyment doesnt make a gametype good. many people enjoy no shields shotty chiron. that doesn't make it a fit for competitive play. Just because one enjoys a bad map, doesn't give it merit. We don't have any DMR domes like we had in ce/h2/h3/h2a so there's room there. Bomb and oddball are amazing gametypes that should be utilized.
  9. all of mcc is $40, base mcc is free (it's the menu).

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