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  1. Jordanb chill lmao also e3 is gunna build the hype even more than before and then its fine.
  2. Wow saiyan has to many oldschool wins didnt realize he was such an oldschool pro Kappa did not expext saiyan to be ranked #5 pistola and ogre2 got 5 different games event wins. Mcc h3 dont count as dif than h3.
  3. Ce has the most missed shots compared to hit shots which is important for winning 1v2s even then. Yes when all 3 are aware, ttk wont matter. all situations arent set up to be black and white. I posted a clip that is a different example of a 1v2 and that is vs competent players Iceprincess 2.0 is not a shot/flame. I feel like it quickly conveys a point. The next assessment is true in regards to what i meant.
  4. 20:32 i say would count as a 1v2 (bottom screen is urs truly, its mislabeled). Its not you know the perfect example but it something that happens alot (of course id have to hit one more shot on the first person to get those 2 kills). You fight one battle then have to fight another lower shields. And because of the nature of faster ttk and single shot, it is more likely to win in ce than any other halo.
  5. Context unclear. First time i played ce was 2012. I was basically an iceprincess 2.0 from 2007-2010 maybe more for a different reason I feel. I thought i was losing because of the power weapons. I had the best br in h3 along with a really good snipe but i would blame losses on rockets, os, camo, nades, shit i thought was cheesy or just bad teammates. i saw the light during the dark era of halo. Also @TheIcePrincess faster ttk is being more empowered lol. And @OG Nick the easiness of the gun is irrelevant in the debate. Like obv a snipe 1v2 is possible. But the clip used a gun that had the same kill time as the others which is what is important. And ofc there is the matter of scrubs vs gud kids debate. And some times shit just happens. We’ve all seen the out dmr in reach on pit at bridge. I do concur with you but the clip isnt ruined because its h5 br.
  6. no... a br fires in bursts. it fires 12 bullets across 4 shots, or 3 bullets per shot. When you fire the br, the first bullet leaves the chamber frame 1, the 2nd bullet leaves frame 5, and the 3rd leaves frame 9. so on frame 1 you could be aiming left shoulder, frame 5 head, and frame 9 right shoulder.
  7. so if someone is no shields, you can sweep across their body with the br. like you're gunna be aiming a little above left shoulder, then head, then right shoulder. so even if you were off a little to the left, the right shoulder aim is gunna hit the head. Alternatively, if you weren't aiming at the head when you fired, you have 2 shots in the burst to adjust your aim and put it on the head. You'll struggle to find a br lover on this thread. so in ce/reach/and most of h5, each shot is 1 chance for a headshot where in 2/3/4/2a, you get 3 chances for a headshot every shot. so if im no shields and you're full shields. You have 16 chances to hit me in the head once before I can land 4 shots on you.
  8. you can put this to bed by just understanding that you can't nade places far away well where in ce you can literally just shoot. + it's not like you always have a nade. you can further prove it by knowing perfect kills in ce are .6s / .9s while h2/3+ is 1.5s / 2s kills, h5 is 1.2/1.5 + ce being 3 shots (rof is .3 for ce, so 6 shots takes .6s+.9s, while h3 takes 8 at .5s aka 3.5s). you're not going to kill someone in h2+ without taking any damage. They are going to be able to turn around and damage you 99.9% of the time. in ce, you can get 2 shots before they line up a shot on you and then easily miss that one shot. so now you're full shields going into battle #2. or even if he hits that shot on you, you're going into battle #2 requiring minimum 2 shots. If the other guy misses once, you have the opportunity to secure the 1v2. then you can further prove it by realizing ce is not burst fire, so no sweeping. you have to be headshot perfect, you can't sweep like in h2/3/4/2a and like a little of h5. \
  9. people who have played the game a lot don't need any such thing. they know where to aim but its a matter of reading the opponent and/or being super perfect, which visual feedback in that context won't make a difference. It's there for you to learn. The easiest example is just have someone run along the walls of creek and just shoot at him behind him, you'll see your bullets hitting behind him so your visual feedback is to aim forward. You misread me when i said people "catch their shot" or at least confused two different things. You can get in the zone and not miss. That's different than missing 5 shots then hitting your next 5. The latter is an independent event and the former applies to every battle. Though ur next clause confuses me more. If you are consistently doming people. that is 100% because of your skill. The zone is something people just refer to as "the peak of their skill." I don't know why the spread on mcc is a red flag? Go pull up split screen and aim tip of forehead at 30/60/90m, you're gunna hit the 3 every time as long as u don't hold down the trigger to activate bloom. CS's spray patterns get so much shit for being random. they riot every time valve does something dumb like fuck with 1st shot precision. they hate spread almost as much as we do. The spray pattern has the same rough pattern, the bullet spread is still random. You could shoot a whole clip against the wall, reload, step to the right, and the bullet holes aren't gunna be the same at even close range. The 18th bullet in the mag could go left or it could go right, you literally just pray. On 2nd thought, I can't remember if the recoil is random that makes the spray random or if it was bullet spread too. Googled mid essay to find out it's both. OH and there is random spread added to your gun when you get hit by the enemy (nvm they removed this). All very anti-comp stuff. CSGO's skillgap is definitely not carried by its aiming skill gap (tho it's still there, just like it is in h3 too). Bringing up csgo is really weird... like cs has so much randomness and so much of the "perceived randomness but isn't random" like spray patterns and movement affecting accuracy, different damage for different bodyparts, and falloff damage literally changes every 2.54m, etc. ur guns accuracy moving at 51% speed is literally different than moving at 55% speed. And that's just it. The leading is intuitive. That's a reason why no 1 has broke it down. The major reason is because you're talking about hundreds of hours of work just to make the mod, nvm the video editing and using said mod, to visually break it down. You have me, I'm decently knowledgable, but i know nothing of coding for halo CE. Fuck CS is a way bigger game than halo and you won't find any videos like that for CS either. You got the basic controlling spray/recoil, but nothing more than that. There's no videos showing how inaccurate u can be with a desert eagle and still hit a shot. and for the future halo scientists who pull up this post, this is the distance where you do not need to lead at all in CE. it's effectively hitscan in this distance. (its not 17.5, it's 18.1 but google doesnt have 18.1) so a little farther. And of course, you can double this distance (so basically red nose), and still not have any "perceived randomness" because technically if u aim dead center, 1 frame isn't enough to get out of the way and that's without bullet mag and that's the entirety of the map prisoner. you also can't go left then start going right within 1 frame. so if you're literally aim botting that perceived randomnesss is probably going to be starting at max distance pistol fights; Though again, I aint got the knowledge to send a controlled series of input to my controller to even prove where that begins. Though, humans don't got that, so following strafe and reading strafe is important to ensure you hit your shots.
  10. if you're getting consistent 3sk, you aren't going to get the feedback you're aiming wrong. The ce pistol is designed in a way to make it difficult for one to hit 3sks, no amount of feedback would change that. If you watch CE it's not uncommon to see people miss 5 in a row then hit 4-5 in a row because they adjusted their aim to match strafe/lag accordingly. there aren't montages of that stuff, ur best bet is to just watch legend
  11. tu btb was on og reach lol. if it was ZB btb, then u could have called forth the angels
  12. Nah. In ce, u have bullet sparks. Unless ur shooting directly above yourself, ur hitting some type of wall. Aka 99.9% of encounters. This is very useful for adjusting lead on xlan. But they have a funky netcode for mcc. A psuedo client side hitrg. Which means you cant lead for lag.
  13. the spread on the pistol isn't a factor in 99% of fights for ce. I'll take bigger clip size and it's role in the sandbox over the h5 pistol anyday, even if it was hitscan. the 5 shot kill / low clip really limits it. 1v2's are a thing in ce, they aren't in h5. if it was 4 shot with a 12 bullet clip, I wouldn't argue if you thought it was #1. That said, h5 pistol is still good. like the h5 pistol is the baseline you want to start it. what you want to avoid is the h3 br or the h4 br. and please stop this split screen nonsense. if those people were on two dif xboxes, it would be okay? the problem isn't splitscreen, it's the lack of good MM that is the problem.
  14. no1 cares about h4/h5 and you're the one contesting it. I don't have to prove the sky looks blue, you need to present evidence that the sky is red or whatever dumb claim you have also water is not wet.
  15. can you stop repeating this. reach had high bullet mag on the dmr and snipe. like we've told you multiple times.

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