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  1. Why do you think I compared it to God specifically? The majority of people believe in god despite logic.
  2. Might as well say “god is real change my mind.”
  3. the TTK opens up more possibilities and ability to make great plays. 3'ing the rocket dude as he unclocks to rocket you is something you can't do in the later halos. in the later halos you're forced to just give in to a sniper. you just pray ur shots hit so he descopes then he backs down because ttk is too long. you can't kill someone in any game with a peak snipe but at least they cant just sit in the open trying to line up a shot in ce. nick said the average ttk is longer, but when it's 2 people shooting it shortens that average, especially when u can't stafe both opponents because they're 90 degrees apart. That said the ttk of 2 people shooting you in halo 3 is .5seconds. you can get 1 shot off if the opponent is on their game. like 2:15 first vid, dude fires one shot before he dies. and the vid is online so shots not regging and random spread are keeping people up. I play both games and imo onslaught wins for spawn killing. It might just be your inexperienced making you feel more helpless in ce vs your hundreds of h3 games played. But for pris, usually you don't hard commit to a side so you can't teamshoot all the time. like obviously you cover center mid but u dont have to spawn your teammate there and even when you random theres that's soft covered and not hard looking... most of the time again. bottom spawns are safe, back wall is only covered by 1 dude and os 2 is only covered by 1 dude, and elbow/red2 is pretty safe. meanwhile on onslaught you either spawn level 1 or level 2 of A/B wall. top mid can cover every spawn and top box covers 3/4 of them and you can grenade the last one. And then when you know they just died B and are going to spawn A, you can cover 2/2 spawns at the same time and if they spawn lower level its going to take some time for them to pull their reticle all the way up to hit u on the box where ur a head glitching mofo anyway.
  4. only advice is to go in with an open mind and try to have fun. there will be things you find frustrating just focus on your next move instead of what just happened. They're going to tell you "watch my screen" at least 50x during this lan since you probably aren't used to watching 2 screens at once.
  5. not meaning to flame but it's because you're inexperienced. If i put both my grandmas and grandpas vs final boss on onslaught, they're going to get spawn killed omega hard. You know how to fight vs people off spawn so it's not terrible. You try to get someone weak so your teammate can finish them off and you can break the setup. But even pros can fall into an extended trap. Same goes for CE basically, except the alive teammate wants to protect your spawn and I'm guessing the people you play with dont give a shit. just watch the kill feed. it is time stamped to 2minutes something also this vid from 2009 vs our very own @Knighty Knight you can skip to the last 20seconds if you want to see brain dead spawn killing situation. killed em on B, where they gunna spawn? 100% chance of A. since everything is twitch vods nowadays its old footage in the search results. but people are better at spawn killing now than ever.
  6. I still think you're missing what I said too which is why we are misunderstanding each other. I understand the sentiment/anxiety of meeting new people, but when one says they want to/would LAN... well that requires meeting people. So it's a paradox of sorts.
  7. it could be the others pushing them out though. if I joined 343 and 90% of people wanted sprintyboi halo, it would be hard for me to stay knowing all my work is going to be ignored or changed away from my liking. If they pushed out frank o connor, that would really be time to celebrate.
  8. you are going to get spawn killed on prisoner but its 1/7 maps. all 7 offer something different. Whereas in halo3 amp/ons/heretic are the same thing that makes up 4/11 maps. And I used narrows as an example, but amp/ons are an example where spawn killing is more prevalent than prisoner. I think onslaught being the best in the series for that.
  9. yeah this analogy is bad because I never said "I would run if I could find people to run with" and the driving/"playing" time isn't exactly 1:1 in the scenario. but if I said that and I planned to run for 11hours then the advice is solid though. and if told you I'd really like to run with people but I don't want to run with parkrun.com because they could be weird... Well this is where my analysis falls a part because this is just illogical
  10. Since it's not noted real well here are the results of the TB map voting: 1. midship 2. chill out 3. prisoner 4. sancutary 5. Lockout/Hang em high 7. Warlock/Damnation 9th. Guardian/headlong/battle creek/foundry 12. Relic/turf/Beaver creek/wizard 16. Derelict/battle canyon/blood gulch/burial mounds 24th. is missing from the interwebs. damn Skipping to last place: breakpoint, paradiso, vortex, uplift, erosion, meltdown, geophyprobia, infinity, the cage, shatter, blackout, complex, chiron, harvest, landfall. Noteable that backwash isn't the worst map of all time, beating out breakpoint.
  11. im not hating on him just because of that. I feel like im quite clear. he said he wouldnt lan halo 1 because he had no one to play with but when we give him people to play with, he's trying to dodge doing it. that's just me "hating on him" for lying not for not playing ce.
  12. 1. hard to see stuff... ur just not familiar with the game, you could say the same of halo2/3/reach its like the same really. If you do lan, I can understand this because you'll be playing 480i and its hard for me sometimes but do realize people actually try to make themselves hard to see since awareness is a big part of the ce skillgap. 2. you don't have to spawn in front of the enemy. it's up to your teammate to decide to give you a safe spawn or not. you could play a whole game of damnation and not spawn in front of the enemy if you and your teammate really wanted to, however it is beneficial to spawn in front of them given the situation. It just creates so many RPS situations which is why its loved by many people. Have you never played final boss on halo 3 pit or narrows? Spawn back cannon, sniped. spawn flag next, sniped. Spawn stage, sniped. Spawn cannon, sniped. And you can't do shit about it. In ce? you can get shit spawns all you want but your team is choosing either a random spawn or a verified spawn. 3. this is far subjective but it is what it is. however saying other games dont have good camo is just a lie. halo 3 camo is just as good. if you could see it so easily, people wouldn't sacrifice top control to try and pick it up on construct in h3. halo2, yes it's a piece of shit that isnt even picked up. If you stuck camo on narrows for example, you're not going to see him sitting top mauler spawn topmid. I would say halo 3 camo is always better because its much harder to see up close than CE's and far away they're both good enough. And the one on construct lasts 60seconds where as it only lasts 45seconds for CE. Aside from derelict, you can get a powerup/weapon of your choice. The advantageous team will likely get the one they want (such as rockets on chillout), but the losers still can choose to pick up camo or OS or just bum rush rockets if they think they can pull a cheeky kill. h3 has the same OS and even worse weapons. A common complaint is that only the main weapon is used, and CE's meta means it has the most diverse weapon pool till halo 5 where its tied. I know there are people who just want to play halo 3 amplified/midship 11x over narrows, pit, con, etc, but realize these have a lower skill meta even if fun. halo reach's is just as hard to see when standing still, even harder to see closeup than CE but you do become uncamo'd when you move. halo 5 camo is also predator. it's really on halo 2 camo which you can "see." 4. yeah... eh it does provide some skill gap but it's not really a skill people are proud of. 5. i think you're just getting bullied in MM. every1 at a high level has that one map they'd rather skill but the maps themselves but they generally do better than h2/h3 maps as a whole in "pick the best map tournaments." just btw for TB, midship is 1st, chilly is 2nd, pris is 3rd, then sanc. lockout is top 8 and we us vocal members hate Lockout.
  13. people from 343 show up and ur worried about something you cant realistically have any control over. "no 1 to lan with" because you refuse to play halo. like cmon.
  14. Sports trams are made up of random people you dont know
  15. they're effectively the same thing. also halo already has a fuel rod gun in one of those games that fires for X speed for Y frames then travels at A frames for however long. all they would have to do is increase X to whatever distance they wanted, say base to base on midship, then change the speed to like, extreme example, the speed of crouch walking. so after 1 frame there's just a bullet going the speed of crouch. you can adjust it to how you see fit. u could even do it multiple times if u wanted

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