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  1. U bad at testing and even the clip u posted last time was >1frame on 30fps which is why you switched it to shield damage which i dont even remember if it lined up with even the bullet lines. And The lines appear >1 frame after the sound plays. Bungie put whack ass code to make headshots reg as bodyshots under 400 units but not past 400 units when it would result in a trade. modders can just delete and change the value from 400 to 1 and walk into be bullets. And when changed to 800 or 1200 or 3000, shots “reg” better because shots arrive faster
  2. Just fyi ce is 300. also i think the hitbox is just bigger. U cant strongside in h2a but can in h2 for example. or the values are the same they just arent 1:1 in effect.
  3. why do reddit links autoplay. lets bump this topic to the next page already. also here i thought h2a already had AAs just disabled throughout MM. I thought i could turn jetpack on or whatever in customs. oof
  4. Yall weird. 1 flag/bomb high ground almost always ended in a draw past level 20 in any of the obj playlists and even in social skirmish it would be 0-0 after 4 rounds if it was party of 4. It was satisfying to cap but you gotta be like neo with the snipe in order to do it. now longshore... i did like the dynamic of fighting for the top path to open then fighting to cap/plant after that. Without unlocking the new path, its essentially impossible. But shit like nade jumping or using a ghost to jump up from the front (easily intended by bungie), made it work.
  5. Because youre not on even footing and hardware dictates your advantage. Essentially nascar instead of chess. I did list whatever buzz word appeared in my mind but not all hardware supports the same ranges of dpi. also idk how u dont see input lag. If i have input lag of 50ms and you have 5. Thats a clear advantage lol. if someone managed to make a controller that bypassed the input lag in a fighting game, it’d be banned, at least initially. Used fgc because its a controller esports genre
  6. it does as of right now but they did their own improvements to the netcode. before it was 50-100% faster and last i checked most of the pub servers run 300% speed/200% faster.
  7. what is refresh rate, dpi, input lag, display lag, mats, etc? I don't disagree with the concept of the other parts you wrote, but ya seem to be ignoring the flaws on the other side. Input based MM is cool, but we don't/didnt have the population to support playlists with the combined pools lmao. edit: also the quoted paragraph is pretty exaggerated. skill is skill. take legend vs random pc player#234. Wow legend, the best shot in ce for the past 10 years, is losing to a day 10 ce player in aiming, that must mean pc aiming is super easy. pc player is only winning because he has a superior aiming device! It's essentially the same argument. and... games already introduce this type of game tuning. just think of halo if the sniper was as easy to aim as the br, how it breaks all balance. Game tuning makes a game. If this was 2000 and I was in charge of releasing ce on pc, and not xbox, i'd be doing shit to make the sniper harder to aim than the pistol. Also all of this is perception. it revolves back to the age old meme. every1 worse than me is a scrub, every1 better than me is a hacker. That's all the complaints boiled down to. people would complain constantly that lethul is using controller in the game chat when he's streaming himself with a mouse. the greatest majority is just looking for an excuse. And specifically in social... Matching parties is a bigger problem as a solo or vice versa Matching people way better or worse than you is a bigger problem 50ms of input lag is a bigger problem Sorry maybe went off on a tangent. I see many tote the lack of input based MM as the failure of mcc when it's not even top 25.
  8. Literally meta. Hold ball in green. All the enemy has to look down while your teammates look up so you can literally only target the enemy. The enemy has to look up until they hit the bottom of green before they can aim center and actually compete. Lmao
  9. The difference is summit didnt complain so no one jumped on the bandwagon. And the pc players out aim the controller players on ce tho to be fair in, they actually came from a halo game this time. U can ask any of the ce players. Legend, twisted, xorg, etc. they will tell u the colombian pc players have better shots by a decent bit but they just lack metagame experience so they lose a lot more. also lethul was seriously considering switching to mnk for snipe after only playing mnk for a month. The issue is that summit is just bad and just found something to make an excuse. if reach had a multi million dollar scene, we would have seen people play on mouse. Its just the input delay is 5x that of csgo so its not an easily transferable skill. You have to actually build it up. Theres literally 20 years of propaganda that mouse players should/would always beat controller players. Turns out its literally how you tune the game. Enough aim assist, controllers can win. Enough input lag, controllers can win. The best day 1-30 mnk players being able to compete with year 10 controller players seems to suggest to me that... its balanced. tho still lower input lag since its no fun.
  10. Prob not. They didnt/dont release the final build as an insider build. Their 5man qa team aint gunna find every bug. 3/3 for new bugs on launch.
  11. dammy sucks, creek is fine. it just doesn't play like h3 so the h3 kids don't like it.
  12. here's my halo dream line up: PIT TS Adrift TS Lockout TS Damnation TS Colossus snipes Haven oddball with the oddball you can throw Dispatch oddball same as above Station 9 TS Guardian TS All MLG gametypes btw
  13. u can fix it for vista. it's not vista it's the frame rate but there's a work around to change it to tick rate. also halo1's launch featured way worse things, some even had easy fixes, so no surprise. Still waiting to play on the original creek and hangem in 2020
  14. The entire mcc only team is under 20 people and they made 10million in reach sales alone. Thats literally enough salary for 100 devs. And then theres the initial sales of mcc 2014 and the sales of 1-4 for pc. The small team is printing money for microsoft that i hope they got a huge bonus. Im not saying the mcc needs 100 devs but if it could get more than 4 devs it would be fucking nice. Even if they just hired a few modders for consultation work. Thats an expense they can largely afford.

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