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  1. reminder that 343 just decided to straight up remove oddball and koth, 2 staples of halo, in halo 5. god wtf is wrong with them.
  2. h1 is a thinking game and half of h3's map pool is brain dead. You just gotta juggle more shit. your teammates spawns, the powerups, the opponents position, what he's thinking, where they're going to spawn their teammates, the risk assessment almost every damn kill (Is this push worth the death or should i play the clock more, etc). Then there's shit like powerups/wep nades, tactical nade jumps, sound fakeouts, portal mindgames, spawn mindgames. Like the meta around nades alone pushes ce ahead of h3. There's so many options available to you at any given time. Like if you grab camo on hang em and your teammate is on death spawn. Your opponent is now thinking about "is he going to nade down top powerup, is he going to go long way to top powerup, is he going to nade snipe, is he going to give his teammate a random, do I need to check behind me, but if I check behind me, i'm giving him free reign to get whatever. He may go for rockets instead, will he venture to blue side and just play for positioning" in the 5 seconds your teammate is spawning. What happens when you grab camo on construct? Shit what lift is he going to go up. There's only so many ways to be attacked on construct which just limits your options. And heck dying for camo could just let you spawn lobby and you get rox if its the proper minute lol. In h3, you got forge midship flag and forge midship slayer and then you have heretic flag and heretic slayer. there is no flanking on these maps. it's all br anything at any time and try to do more damage than you take before you die. Like a slow tug of war. Which is fine, if it was one map. And the rest of the map pool ain't great either. Also something to consider, halo 1 has a ranking system of it's players. You can easily distinguish skill levels on that game. in halo3, your skill is so diluted. You can trade sets in scrims often. like if you play ogre2 in halo1, you're just waiting for him to win unless its vs patch or legend. If ogre2 loses to anyone outside of that, it's a big fucking deal. In h3, you're not surprised if anyone of clout beats anyone of clout. neighbor could win, snipedown could win, hysteria could win, pistola could win, ogre2 could win, roy could win, bth could win... Something like bth has never happened in ce and it does have a longer run than h3. and heck it was a 1 time thing, it was just a fluke lol. They didn't obtain some incredible skill, they just were hot and their opponents were not.
  3. there's no point to play h2 hardcore when it just plays better on h2v and its free. so there's no vets that keep it rolling.
  4. Definitely should never be on grenades or other types of explosives like Rocket launcher.
  5. No. If u throw a nade that hits nothing. U know they arent there. If it does,u know they're weak. Theres no decision tree here.
  6. it's 3mins for rockets. okay technically its like xmins+2seconds on all of them. also what's mauler and pp respawn rate? cmon u cant leave that out
  7. 1 unit is = to 3.048M in game. So halo CE goes 10 units/tick halo 3 goes 6 units/tick halo 2 goes 13.333/tick halo r+ goes 100 units/tick Hitscan distances in ce: halo ce: halo 3: Halo 2: in terms of halo3: halo ce: halo 3: Halo 2: I forgot the way to measure meters in halo2 so no screenshots... how do you do it? @Hard Way since i'm sure you'd be interested in seeing it
  8. Iirc you had doubts that the unit being modified was velocity. That the 400 unit being thrown about was some magical button. This is confirming the value is 400. If you increase the value to 800 or 1200 or 3000, shots "reg" better. If you change it to 1, you can walk into the br bullet. Better reg, As in its easier to hit people. So clearly it is not functional hitscan. @Hootspa had some involvement i think. Cant find alens handle. @UncutFighter @Squatting Bear
  9. @MultiLockOn is this good enough for u https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-june-2020 In regards to h2 not being hitscan or functioning hitscan.
  10. if you wanted, You can contact the dude who does the h3 tournaments and give him a monetary incentive to throw it on no spread. not that i think it should be a halo3 evolved, but a halo3 no spread only change, people might be like "oh, this is way better" 50% of the h3 diehards think spread means projectile. not even trolling.
  11. I hate the fact halo ce was first and 3 was last. Imagine if ce was released 3rd with theater and online and the best matchmaking system overall.
  12. The best players will hit you everytime. Theres little counterplay to the snipe other than flanking and hope they miss
  13. You can enjoy a game more and objectively see its a worse game. Just takes some logical thinking skills. Same way people can enjoy checkers over chess. But ye. I agree. Most people here are on h3.
  14. Halo 1-4 (pre patch h4. They lowered the shots to kill from 5 to 4 but also slowed down the rate of fire on the br. dmr had it's rof decreased as well) that @Sitri (I believe) made. IIRC ce pistol is .6, halo2 is 1.4X (guessing 1.43), halo3 is 1.5X (pretty sure its 1.53), and halo4 is 1.6X pre patch. why cant i find this image, it's always hard to find. i save it every time i find it, but i CAN NEVER FIND IT ON MY HDD. MCC does have wonky kill times, never seen a vid. those are the OG numbers I think the kill times for the h2 and h3 br end in a 3 or a 7. I kinda doubt it's 1.47 and 1.53 though so 1.43 and 1.57 maybe idk edit: found an old post by doju that claims 1.43 for the h2 br and 1.52 for h3 br. Also states 1.8s for the h4 5sk br lmao. h2a: Battle Rifle 1.52 by our own @KurtiZ He is the one with the yt that claims 1.17s but in his comment he later clarifies that the xbox one clipping feature speeds up clips so its actually 1.52 halo5 taken from a wep tuning post: A quad shot being 0.9seconds sounds about right. firing twice should be ~0.95 seconds so in theory a perfect rrx yy rrx should be faster than 2 shots, but not by much since firing, yying, and firing is slightly faster than normally shooting @MultiLockOn
  15. The majority of the community didn't go back to melee. Like the brawl kids... they're still not playing melee. They kept playing brawl then smash4 then ultimate. However, people would go to tournaments and enter both brawl and melee, so there wasn't really a divide in entrants or people to play. It'd be like if CE events were held during all h2, h3, tournies and all the good ce kids who played h2/h3 kids entered. The issue is that even if that happened to halo, all the sponsorship money would go to the newer halo anyway so no1 would play ce outside the diehards because splitting focus at a tournament is stupid when the reward isnt there. Now sure, there are some players who started in brawl and went to melee (Fiction is a good example), but many just stopped playing melee and kept going on (larry lurr, esam) or never gave melee a chance even when brawl was dead (nairo, dabuz, salem, ally, mr r, anti, 9b and any other jp player). What happened to melee is a lot of luck. The doc exploded. PM released around the same time and brought so many people to the scene which brought people to melee. Then when PM got axed by twitch and nintendo, many jumped ship to melee. Online emulation being playable since the late 2000s also helped, and it's only gotten better. Maybe the social aspect of it helps as well. Brawl never had good online while halo2 did. so for non die-hards, there wasn't much difference. You either put in the melee disc or the brawl disc. Meanwhile for halo, you could play halo2 online, whenever you wanted. The convenience probably robbed a lot of halo ce players. The melee community also shifted their mentality during this time. They were really toxic like the halo community still is, but they developed a more mature and welcoming attitude thanks to community leaders stepping up.

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