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  1. My problem with h3 is that for mlg we have heretic, a worse midship. We have a worse heretic in ampiflied. And we have an even worse heretic with onslaught. Onslaught flag is the epitome of no depth map. The gametype litetally plays for you. You push forward and kill the enemy team then stare at a or b. There is no better way to play the map. There is no worse way to play the map. There is essentially no meta to it at all. Ampiflied’s only a hair better because at least there are 4 places to spawn and ur accountable for giving good spawns, but at least you can choose which bases to hold. And look i just described the way heretic plays. They were made when we didnt have midship or warlock but now we got heretic which is the same concept (br arena with spawn traps). They should have been scrapped in 2009. Even tho pit slayer is a drag, its at least a gametype that has loads of ways to play it with different setups, even if the core concept is just hold ur side. Holding the enemy side is where u can really pick ur flavor. And its ok if one map plays super slow (so get rid of construct ts or update it). Imo: 100% scrap onslaught and amp 50% scrap narrows flag, construct slayer 100% keep pit flag, pit slayer, Heretic flag, heretic slayer, construct hill, guardian oddball, narrows slayer salvageable/redesign: construct slayer, citadel gametype, some sandbox map even if its just a reskin of a different halo map (except not sanc please, for the millionth time). maps i dont think are salvageable but maybe theres 1% hope: assembly flag or oddball
  2. I know you dont plan on competing but i would live to see you on that h3 mainstage. Or maybe ur waiting for that h2 classic
  3. While a hot switch might affect networking, the ghost melees and bloodshots happened at dh 2v2 which didn't use a super switch on the main stage I believe. It's also a known issue that these occur way more commonly than OG. also he probably meant that the event wouldn't be on real lan, aka having to connect to an online server to play local.
  4. who's got the graphic that shows a streak of what team is currently on top (was a square with lots of boxes that went STK->final boss->str8->final boss, etc).
  5. Feedback: ce stream was dope. The video and audio quality was great. Casting was great. The player cams were well positioned. The skillshot replays were done pretty good (99/100 quality). Though there was still too much downtime at the end for no apparent reason (example is losers semis finished but took 30mins to start losers finals. Grand finals took over an hour. Yall have one hour to find the next opponents and get them ready). I wish the ce grand finals would have been hosted by ugc. A h3 game was going on, but ce could have started after that series ended. The Downtime would have been acceptable if this was the case H3: gameplay was exciting. The video quality was excellent. Audio needs works. We need crowd mics. Im not sure in the streaming equipment available on the final day since every pov was streamed, but... the main stream station needs to host the side streams during down time. Games should be organized so they start at dif times. So play game one on stream alpha, then Start series 1 on bravo then start series 1 on Charlie after game 1. Then have ugc host which ever side stream has a game. This is how you keep viewers and keep people engaged. Smash is a game thats as grassroots as they come and they grew and grew in viewership over the past 6 years. Part of this is maximum downtime is 5mins and averages probably 3 minutes. The overlay on finals day just wasnt good game design. It was not clearly comprehensible. For h3 mcc, if the xbones only holds 36 names, you can add ugc blue a, ugc blue b, ugc blue c etc etc. so then we at least know who is who most likely unless theres two tags that start the same. Pros can tweet out what tag theyre gunna play under (outside of the top 8).
  6. They didnt fix the br. It was just hitscan and had bigger hitboxes. Still had spread
  7. H1 was 66%. So maybe $20,000. Minimum is usually 50%. So $15,000. The big bucks. Edit: it was40%. 12k.
  8. Dev time isnt the problem. It took 2 changes to make reach playable. Aim assist, bullet mag, strafe accel, movement, jump, weapons, armor abilities are all shit that can be changed on a whim and are what makes or breaks a good halo game. Could also just release a map editor like ce has in case ur worried about maps. Do i think clutch can save halo? No lol. When frankie retires then maybe.
  9. Idk the context but im pretty sure most halo3 comp players dont understand how spread works. Many think no spread means hitscan lmao
  10. Lol, Comparing the goat casters of walshy, gandhi, and walshy to our beachlan event where we have 50 people in less than 1000 sq foot with 7 stations running next to the commentary booth and the finals. Tho yeah this production is hella tight.
  11. St louis county is a much better place and even with them bringing down the avg, st louis is always ranked top 1-2 for violent crime per people. The other being detroit.

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