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  1. This comment makes no sense wether you look at it seriously or sarcastically. Good comment
  2. The solution was there is no more burst fire because burst fire is dumb. Tho it is dumb that you cant pick up ammo for ur gun. Its so annoying in h4 btb because everyone uses dmr or br so when i run out of light rifle ammo, i cant ever refill. That should 100% change.
  3. I just added 1 last point. OG Broly was cooler. Messing with the canon messes with me. It's like mcc. I expect the pr to work and when it doesn't, i just lose my boner.
  4. @Cursed Lemon @FLuFFy dbs broly movie:
  5. Like I said in my original post, the easier aiming at a lower FOV definitely has a threshold you can't pass. and definitely close range, you can track people right in front of you better with higher FOV. I've lost track of countless people on h2/h3 because of the low fov up close. I wouldn't classify that as solely aiming though. There's no realistic FOV where you wouldn't be able to keep track of someone falling off blue/redbase. I definitely have a better shot in FFA on CE because its 70 vs 108 FOV and that's not even easier to see in, and when I switched from a crt to a monitor for halo 3, going from 55->70 FOV, I definitely felt it hard. I had one of the best shots and I felt useless after switching and always thought my monitor was just super laggy. In CE, we have the cqc map that is chilly and portals on 5/7 maps, but in other halos we don't really have that other than portal camping in warlock. h3+ cqc battles are so simple that people don't even juke, the pros just go for a 2shot beatdown trade every time. but you are right. In quake, they say if you are a rocket heavy player, have a higher FOV. If you are a rail/lg player, have a lower FOV. For 95% of ranges, you'd want lower FOV to hit targets easier.
  6. ce pc and h3 online literally has this. ce pc has every weapon skin u can stick on any gun and h3 online last time i checked had h2/h3/h4/h2a br skin you could stick on the h3 br. it's not hard to code at all. coding the bullets to be pink is literally easy af as long as its client side which is what matters. coding it to be server side isn't much harder when you have the source code. ce pc is what we should strive for in game customization. you can choose between halo 3, reach, or 4 medals. you can attach any weapon skin to any gun (tho keep it realistic for h6/mcc), you have the map editor tool so you can make stock maps, you can make your own weapons, edit any weapon kill time/traits like aim assist/bm, etc It's seriously not hard. like listen to what you typed. how is it any different than "they'd have to code something to be a "br" then code it to look like said "br." ????????? thats what every game dev has done for any weapon ever created. if we're looking at h5, they just have to change the RoF on the current weapons and give them the same ammo. the mag and dmr already share the same RoF. h5 already has weapon skins that share the same ammo. instead of being a unicorn skin, it could be a needle rifle skin also the light rifle scoped kills like... 2x slower than the h1 pistol at 1.135 compared to .6. the br in h5 has a kill time of 1.3. that doesnt really make it feel powerful
  7. This might hl iceprincess. Just ignore it. The pistol is clearly the best primary because it takes up the least place space. However lots of people cant get off aesthetics so just add a br/dmr/carbine/light rifle/needle rifle skin and be done with it. No burst fire
  8. Yeah i checked the lethul and royal 2 player profiles and neither had london listed but they had them all listed under tox (but didnt check that 1).
  9. It wasnt a riddle, its just london wasnt listed under the source i checked on esports wiki :p which is odd.
  10. ? Flanking happens a lot more in ce and in h2+ the rocket guy just gets behind a corner if you flank him since ttk is so long then obviously you cant turn the corner to fight him. If its 4v4, rockets are a weaker power wep than snipe (tho thats all games). and if we’re talking mcc youre more likely to just win since pistol is easy mode and rockets are nerfed. U can fire 3 shots before the rockets hit you from most distances. Jump off a platform and rocket guy cant kill you unless its a direct rocket. Theres also a sniper on 30s respawn that can headshot or double body before a rocket comes out. “Op shit in ce” bruh op shit implies something is underpowered and/or average. When everything is “OP,” nothing is actually overpowered. The correct term is powerful just fyi. Rockets, snipe, nades, primary, shotgun, pr, melees, and camo are all more powerful than they were in any sequel (okay minus h4/h3 beam). Os and ar are tied. Pp loses to h2 only. Tho pp and pr dont work on mcc.
  11. Tox lost a major lan 3lans ago? Just google ogre2 if u want to see championships with dif teammates

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