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  1. 1.5 or 1.6s ttk is ridiculous lmao. The only good thing about h5 was the faster ttk. 1.5 is the same as h3. Imagine trying to kill sprinty bois with the h3 br. Thats what infinite is. Nice.
  2. The game releases in 6months but still no news on the promised beta. So literally no hope for change. Theyll be a 2 day beta in november and 343 will say everythings good!
  3. Giving halo 4 a pass, we have already seen this with mcc and h5. They are not fast at updating and the devs do not care about making a great game, only to stat pad their resume. How many months did it take for king or oddball to come out in h5? We still never got any btb maps. Radar was never removed from esports. Halo6 will be less popular than fall guys 6months into its cycle. The game has no classic feel. Its not hard to see. A chocolate cupcake will still have a vanilla cupcake feel in a way. But a vanilla cupcake with a turd on top will never feel like a cupcake.
  4. Nah son thats where youre wrong. We did have 1 year of classic halo in between halo4 and halo 5. The problem was it was an incomplete and broken game that the majorityy couldnt play if they wanted to. Also holy shit i came here on mobile in the first time in years and this site has video popup ads every reload.
  5. The secret is to just up the bullet mag to the extreme so when it doesn't reg you don't think you should have hit your shot anyway. On h2a, i had 50% packet loss before and was still hitting shots... like 3seconds after my last one. They probably died so far behind the wall on their screen. Some client side detection going strong. I'd honestly vote for h2v when they used increased bullet speed. It really felt like I was host every game.
  6. well the jump delay is still present in comp halo ce. This update just matches the settings. Also it's not real a fuck legacy change, it makes the game play more like legacy because you can't soundwhore on splitscreen and people didn't wear headsets playing ce back in the day. Tho no spread is a fuck legacy option. I'm all for no jump delay as an option / mod. Though it will be real disorienting if it made it into casual ce and then you just had jump delay in 2v2 This is a change that actually makes me want to hop on mcc. It really was a major frustration when the sound whore meta is so prominent online but non existent offline. Now just fix the PR/rocket reg and I might find some enjoyment in the game
  7. counterpoint. Why would I want to play broken h1-h3 and try to be competitive? Like there is some fun in playing these broken games but playing 200 games to get to rank 30 in 1 playlist is never going to happen for me.
  8. A big shame. I loved going through the halotracker for halo 3. It was so disappointing for halo4 and mcc in that regard. 343 even promised it for mcc... 7 years later... still not here
  9. dude seems to ignore that he can just play the original halos.
  10. we should also remove sanc, lockout for being too stalemate-y. Remove warlock cuz its wizard. Then remove pit, con, too stalemate-y. Remove onslaught+amp because too spawn kill heavy and nade spam.
  11. Well I'm assuming its mlg oddball. the oddball has massive spawn influence so you dont spawn on the ball. So if you have 2 teammates die at snipe tower and 2 at blue, you're pretty much guaranteed to spawn gold if ball is at green.
  12. Wider FOV so its harder to aim for one. Getting shot at lights up your screen a lot more on ce making it harder to see / more stress. There's always grenades going off which shakes your screen. OG cant maintain a stable 30fps all the time, which makes it harder. Not that this is a good thing. The pistol fires faster. 0.3 pistol vs 0.5 br. So in halo 3 you can scope in after being shot and have 66% more time to aim than in ce. Not sure exactly why, but no scoping in halo ce and 2 is just impossible where as in 3, it's expected. and of course you cant just line up a shot for 1.4second, fire, and dip if you miss like you can in halo 3 because the br kill time is 1.5s. The ce pistols kill time is .6seconds. But thats more of 2ndary reason, not primary.
  13. In addittion to what's already been said in a reply to you, it's also very good for lighting up camo, which is INVALUABLE. lighting up camo can be the difference between a 10 kill swing. and to your later post (switching to melee with a different weapon isn't a trained reaction since i played since halo3)... What did I read? Weapon melee strength is a thing in halo 3 (and halo2). It is optimal to switch to a brute shot to melee, especially with an smg/ar main hand. The literature: Halo 3 has a total hitpoints of 115. 70 for shields and 45 for health. Several weapons have been given specific values of damage that they do in hit points: The Battle rifle does 6 points of damage per shot that hits out of its burst, for a maximum total of 18 points of damage per burst. The Assault rifle does 7.5 points of damage per shot that hits. Most weapons have melee attack damage of 70. The mauler and spiker, however, do 72 damage with melee attacks. Rockets, laser, and hammer deal 80 damage. Brute shot deals 90 damage. So in normal halo 3 settings, Shooting twice with a BR and meleeing without switching will not yield a kill. As its 115-18-18 for a total of 79. 79-70 = 9 remaining health. However, if you switch to a rocket, laser, hammer, or brute shot to melee, you will now reach the threshold of melee damage to net a kill. Since the BR has a slow rate of fire, this is an easy way to win firefights in CQC vs other BR users, which happens a lot. If you have a brute shot, you can actually melee after firing 2/3 of the bullets in the 2nd burst which lets you melee even faster or lets you have a wider margin of error (who here hasn't only fired 5 bullets out of the br before meleeing in halo 3 mlg settings and not yielded a kill) Having an an ar/smg seriously compete with the BR/pistol is not a good thing as we've seen in halo5. It just makes it so less exciting players can happen and makes combat dull. If it's 49-49, and the last person is mid shields and you're full. You can just spray em down because its impossible to miss instead of risking trying to land 3 headshots. This means those exciting reversals happen less and less often. It's role as a handholder for new players and it's niche uses in ce are perfect. Having the AR have stronger melee strength or a bigger melee hitbox would be ideal. As an unrelated note, I've seen people complaining how "they should have traded." See the literature here:
  14. the sniper is clearly better on mcc. on OG the sniper and pistol are a little weaker, the PR/PP are like 1000000% stronger (read they dont even work on mcc). Shotgun is about the same strength but since pistol is a little weaker, its better. Rockets almost never "no shield" an enemy on OG, it's usually a kill or a miss. But on mcc its almost always a no shield. There is a vod of someone getting 28 shotgun kills on chillout at beachlan. Though map design kinda limits pr/shotty. However, it's not like hardcore in halo2 and beyond have good weapon balance either. every series is br/pistol, snipe, rockets, that it. but ce has all 3 of every map. h2 has 6 gametypes/11 with no snipe, and 10/11 gametypes with no rox. h3 has 4/11 gametypes with no snipe/rox.
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