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  1. sounds like a major leap to get on board the yacht from the driftwood.
  2. exactly. the middle paragraph only happens when all 8 players are equally bad. as soon as you stick one semi competent person into the game, he's just going to farm them with map pickups of the dmr or sniper. People do want to just mindlessly bee-line to ar beatdowns, but it just won't ever happen, even with AR starts unless they remove every other weapon. If all 8 players are equally bad, they're going to all be using the AR even in DMR starts. There's not enough newbs like there was in 2004-2010 for that stuff to happen. you're always going to get 1 vet in the game.
  3. Welcome to literally any fps. Its always prediction, always will. Until we get some ai technology that can tell our reaction time in the moment so it can rewind and see if our crosshair was on them at that point in time
  4. Shooting is always a guess. Reaction time is 200ms. Ur always guessing where theyll be 200ms in the furure if its hitscan but man if theyre 1 frame away, 216ms is INCONSISTENT. Or extrapolate to 300ms. Hitscan is simply easier to aim. Is all
  5. You literally just press a again. We also have a million free buttons from getting rid of sprint and thrust. Its also not niche since it will be used every gun battle like how thrust is now.
  6. So instead of a double jump why not a drop button which ends your jump prematurely and pulls you down. This can also be used to get cool slide jumps. sounds like advanced movement to me.
  7. 2 to3, 1 to2. U just split the to2 4head. i also disagree. Gap between to1 and to3 is bigger than to1+to3 vs to4. searching as a to3 is going to have a significant higher win rate than searching as a to1/2 now (and to1/2 pre update). if to3 could only match 2 to2, itd be better, but id still want to be the to3
  8. yeah. i just meant you weren't getting stomped by a to4 as a solo my bad. a solo+to3 vs a to4 is not the same as potentially 4 to1 vs a to3+solo. plus because it was like this, there were very few to3 because they just spent time getting a to4 to not be handicapped. to3 only matching to3 instead of a possible to4 would be an update that could be considered good. this update is really terrible
  9. Solos didnt match to4s before this update. before this update: to3-4 match. To1-2 match. now: to1,2,3 match. To4 match
  10. Full team matching doesnt mean what u think it means. Unless ur excited to pubstomp solo qs as a team of 3.
  11. It has colors and camo is closer to the edge. There’s also a pr on bottom tunnels below camo that I will be making use of.
  12. Halo is big vidya games. It should feature shit in line with that. also simply not having features previous games had is not okay. Ce had a map editor. H2 had clanning. H3 u can view films with friends. H3 had 3 total rankings with open api that allowed for stat tracking that has yet to be repeated. 1-4 had LAN. Mcc is a fucking mess ui wise compared to h2-hr. while u can cut features and still do well, its also a lot easier to succeed if one doesnt cut features.
  13. I will lose a 1v1 match vs roy any day of the week but even i will trade br battles with him. The h3 br is so hard to miss with on lan. Its only leading for ping and random spread that makes that shit miss. Plus its fucking burst fire so u can just sweep for the final hit

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