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  1. Well not with reach bloom since u can fire faster than it resets.
  2. U know how we should punish people who miss their first shot? They give their opponent a chance or a 2nd chance. Theres the punishment Boom. Solved. Next topic.
  3. the regular playlists dont have enough people to support em to max rank, a niche playlist isn't going to have enough no matter what. it has nothing to do with shitting on any community.
  4. We already have those dude. U need to buy the game before commenting on this thread
  5. lol of course not. might as well rank action sack for ranked obviously
  6. linking reddit threads just makes ur upvote null. gotta google the title then post the google link if u actually want upvotes. also it's known, gets talked about alot so no worries. it just depends if kornman can find a fix.
  7. just gunna piont out that this dude stopped firing on the left side to reset bloom but didn't do it for h5. tho i can't remember the ttk but i think h5's is faster anyway to offset that. edit: lol it's the recoil on the AR that's causing h5's to miss. and yeh, h3 is projectile so even if they're 1:1, they don't behave like 1:1. also test is bad. they both have spread/bloom so it literally means nothing. the best way to show difference in BM is to go on a modded version with 0 spread/bloom for both.
  8. fires 50% faster at .2s compared to .3 edit: wiki is saying .25s, it's definitely noticeable.
  9. online this literally just means who has faster connection lol. half skill half net. not something i'd put in my game. tho it is legacy so whatever. h2 OG behavior is stupid too on lan. if u fire on the same frame, 1 person is randomly chosen as the victor and the other person's bulelts do some funky shit. i'm not sure what. in testing, sometimes u would deal them body damage even tho u were aiming at the head, sometimes the shots miss. tho if ur >400 units away, you just trade since it doesn't seem to affect already airborne bullets. not sure how it handles if the 2nd bullet in his burst and a 3rd bullet of my burst are the killing blow and land at same time.
  10. h3 dubs aint that bad on mlg settings tbh. its no ce or gp.
  11. I think hes meming because this a glitch specific to mcc h3. U can throw 2-6 nades at once lol

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