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  1. ... there's no way windows store is more popular than steam. is there some promotion going on?
  2. This has not been my experience in halo. Ever since halo 2. Games range between 50-30, 50-49, and 30-50. I think the problem most of the cod community has is that the community was raised on pub stomping and only caring about their personal stats. Now, they aren't getting their 5.0KDs so they aren't having as much fun. COD probably has this SBMM because their data shows more people play when they aren't being stomped. The yo-yo effect is very real in both halo and cod. Its the most common complaint I see for halo. The SBMM can be improved but its very difficult to actually assess. Team vibing is very important. if the team doesnt fit, you can go 5-15. If you gel, you can go 15-5 vs the team same.
  3. MnK v controller balance is really good in CE. The people who came over from halo PC have definitely been more dominant than the OG console players in regards to shooting. However, they lack like 15 years of meta development so they don't understand how to use the spawn system or the powerup system so they fall short. They can take games on maps like hang em or pris where it's aim heavy, but if they can't prevent you from getting the goods on the other maps, they really struggle at fighting from a disadvantage. The shooting is probably better on mnk because the game is designed around controller players missing. In 2+, you're expected to kill your opponent with no extra shots to just 1 extra shot bar connection. In CE, you're expected to do it in like 3 extra shots. Some people 13 shot people on lan with the pistol. When was the last time you saw someone 17 shot someone with a BR on halo 3 lan? Because of this discrepancy, missing once or twice or 6x on mnk isn't the end of the world.
  4. yeah. Historically the best shooters have been on 80-100 fov and I'm not sure the increased awareness in a 4v4 halo game is going to make up for it. The awareness required in the typical 4v4 isn't that high. It has some places in CE (for example on chillout, you can see double door and os/dark entrance in one of the double door corners in main room if you have like 108 FOV (default split fov)), however you can't on normal. But playing on the pit or midship, that shit is useless
  5. the guns don't shoot straight tho. the h4 br has spread, the h4 dmr has bloom. this is crucial for getting the perfect 4sk br or 5sk dmr. Like seriously just load up a custom game and that shit will cause you to miss on a standing still spartan at the farther distances of RRR unscoped. The only gun that shoots straight is the light rifle and no one uses that gun because it's orange.
  6. you just flip the switch. ok jokes aside it's not hard. If lxthul suddenly starting dropping games to people with a much lower mmr, than he's smurfing to get easier games. Likewise if lxthul signs off 1 account, then another account logs on that's level1 and goes +50, welp... Or again if an account is going positive against pros but also going negative vs scrubs, it's a smurf account. If you go -20 10 games in a row then all of a sudden go +50 the next game, it's obv a smurf. The hard part is making it so 100% of smurfs get banned, instead of something like 95% of smurfs getting banned. Still, a 95% rate would improve the situation an infinite amount compared to the current 0%
  7. It makes perfect sense. Companies do this all the time. When their analytics tell them the game cant grow anymore, game companies have almost always just given up and set up aggressive mtx to milk whats left of the fanbase. This is literally 343/M$ telling us halo is officially dead.
  8. halo 2 campaign was only fun on legendary. I always hated how in h3/h1 you didn't revert to checkpoint upon death in co-op. Legendary really felt like a survival for ones life which is why I enjoyed it as a kid, because it was a challenge. Now it's just more of a chore though it's not like i enjoy playing on any other setting more
  9. My biggest gripe with halo2 outside the usual is the red screen flashing every time you get hit when low shields. Like holy fuck it's so annoying. And even though CE is perfect!!!, the white flash when getting hit in ce is also annoying but its shorter and easier on the eyes so it's not as annoying by a lot, but still annoying enough that I can believe it shipped.
  10. you're saying its problematic because they only get 1 push? on another note, camo still sucks. The problem of construct is that you can soft cover the lifts because you can hear them then just hard stare at back gold and sword legs
  11. Yes sorta. The goal was a party fps, but since console shooters were so new and the deadline so short, the devs didn't fuck around too hard and just stuck with what work. It drew inspiration from quake because the Dev liked quake. In halo 2 going forward, bungie purposely tried to lower the skill gap so that everyone can have fun. They literally tried to solve a problem that didn't exist.
  12. when i think about forced shit talk I think about apex 2015 salty suite where it was just cringe af every match.
  13. no. they did not fix it that way. Like you can argue accounting for latency is a skill but they just made the lead/hitreg/whatever closer to 360 h3.
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