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  1. In 2013, I have searched the social skirmish playlist in h3 for over 8hours with no games found. in h3 you can see how many people match so you can see the dreaded 5 in queue match up over and over again waiting for that the sixth man who never comes. You can also look at recent players to see the 4 other players who are also searching. there were regulars. Not once did any of us ever try to host custom games lmao. Needed that potential +1 xp. I didn't mind, I just played games on my pc while I waited lol. kids these days not being able to wait even an hour for a match. It's like they've never be highly ranked in any game!
  2. yeah screw infinite, this will be largely more entertaining
  3. halo infinite dead before it even released
  4. changing name locations on the hud is a lot easier than writing netcode lol. There's also no QA involving that.
  5. the gears have started turning. however I find it slightly funny he could have just said "i wish the ce pistol was the utility but make it 1 second ttk"
  6. cant believe there are people on this forum who unironically think commando is a good starting wep for competitive settings. Gun battles being determined by RNG is not competitive.
  7. the h2 br, h3 br, hr dmr and h4 br all have ttk of ~1.5. The h5 pistol had a TTK of 1.2 seconds so we already have an improvement. The h6 br being 1.5s again is worrying tho. the commando is not the answer. it's an rng weapon. Hopefully there's some alt pistol that wasn't in the beta as the starting wep. a no bloom sidekick would be better than the h6 br though still not great. A h5 pistol with a bigger mag would be sufficient.
  8. I entirely disagree here. snakebite only died because he was being greedy. The br is serving it's purpose by backing down the sniper but doesnt have any opportunity to kill. Except that sniper dude tried to contest while being 2 shot lol. Not different than any halo game BAR halo 3. in ce, he'd have died the first time. halo2,4, and 5, the same thing happens. In reach, it's rng whether he dies unless you're playing some sweaty zb customs in which, he dies like h2. He dies behind a wall, but that's just network bullshit. I'm sure on lan he'd have died as well
  9. he posted it yesterday and it got like 15 upvotes lul. reddit algo sucks
  10. you don't need to add "on pc" but yes, it's been normal since 2014.
  11. you don't even get descoped with some weapons lol.
  12. oh, i super mind it. that lowers the skill gap way too much lmao. why even have mics. also plays out super whack. i can just randomly see people 1 shot behind cover that i otherwise wouldn't know were there. I feel like I have perm halo 4 promethean vision active.
  13. Being able to see players behind walls is just plain stupid. Why can I still see players after they've taken cover? The outlines are way too strong lmao.
  14. feels like every gun is an rng slot machine
  15. it was mine and others' experiences which is why it got implemented in the first place. Quitting was brought up so often i'm sure it was one of the most common complaints for mcc. so 343 definitely saw it and that's an issue they felt like they could try to tackle. "just quit and find a new game" is easy to say. But quite literally, every mcc btb game ended 8v2 before the 50 kill mark or before we cap the 2nd flag. it's ridiculous. It makes the game not enjoyable at all when you can't even play a semblance of the game. I just want to play 8v8 on waterworks slayer and I definitely never got that pre-quit ban. My quality of games drastically improved. the veterans all know you can just quit and change accounts as well. but plenty will just stay in game rather than bother switching.
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