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  1. GT is Zoids been high onyx every season, just coming back after a few months and grinding. Need positive attitudes people who don't take criticism and blame others. Small talk is the most important thing in this game, and calm attitudes is important let me know if you want to run games to grow.
  2. Agreed i think Slayer should really only be games 4/7 in a series. I'm sorry strongholds is a terrible gametype. Could be fun if they placed the hills better and increased the respawn timer. Eden SH = Aids, Empire is really only good because they are spread out and you cant just sprint right to them. KOTH and oddball i miss you so much
  3. This is off topic but i wish the pro's thought it was their job to make youtube videos. Instead of cod being as big as it is on youtube Halo could have been. Halo Pro's say it's not my job to make videos to show people things. Cod pros didn't either but they make whole guides on how to play maps. Intern their presence on youtube allows their voice to be heard imo. Pro's having a close relationship with devs and getting things implemented faster sometimes. Also played evolved settings on all the maps with movement speed 110% game plays great
  4. Usually a lurker, but the "New Radar" will give teams a shot against optic is the dumbest thing i keep reading. Small changes like that Optic will adapt faster as usual. Do people keep thinking if they get rid of radar it will be in other playlists?? Just in arena i guess not everyone's thinking that way. Changes i would like to see no radar, splinters gone, autos and hitmarkers ). Back to lurking i go!
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