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  1. Torque CTF would be good if we made it a bit more open and kept the columns up. IMO
  2. FS was playing with danoxide, randa, and skeptical last night. we tied them on torque assault. obviously intel. totally
  3. I honestly think a sniper with 8 bullets in each cave would be great for coliseum. Please open flag windows on empire again, gametype has become way too simple. Also, take out autos and radar on EVERYTHING.
  4. Anyone who missed Naded's "LETS GO" comeback into zoom-in dab dance with music while running arena alone last night needs to see it. Honestly the dude made me laugh so fucking much and gives me hope that our viewers will skyrocket with him being a part of Optic.
  5. I think EG will be top 3/4 at every event now. If double elim, which we greatly need, then 100% top 4/top2.
  6. I've never felt like saying "fuck this" and throw papers on ground more than rn
  7. It's almost as if though someone at 343 said "someone make me a list of the worst shit you could do to our maps" "ty fam gonna fuck shit up now"
  8. I personally believe Ola would be much better without Radar. I also think Lethul would be better without radar, which is spooky.
  9. I wonder who would fall off (and who would get better) if radar was taken out. I really end up thinking about this like once a day.
  10. I'll add you. add me. GT: AllstvRR
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