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  1. That is a reasonable question.. I've been playing Halo 3 with pretty much unfaltering commitment since it was released. As embarrassing as it is, it has been a huge part of my life these past 6 years. I doubt I will ever again have the time to spend on another game, like I had for Halo 3. Consequentially I'm convinced I will never be better at any video game as long as I live (even though I'm pretty far from great). I just want to maximize my skills at Halo 3 while I still can. This is for my gratification only, in hopes of becoming the best at something I've spent so long trying to perfect.
  2. First and foremost, my apologies if this is not aloud on this forum. I didn't see any rules against this sort of post, but I also don't see anyone making posts like it. If it is against the rules, I will be more than happy to remove this. About the Critique & lessons: I'm looking for someone who is GOOD at Halo 3. I've been playing for 6 years, and am not looking for beginner advice. If you think you are at that level, send me a PM or post here how I can reach you and we can iron out some details and work out a price. (yes, I'm willing to pay for your time) Again, my apologies if this isn't aloud or is an unpopular opinion to pay for such services. Thanks!
  3. Hey, I'm trying to set up a team or find a team for AGL Indy. Who/what I am looking for: I'm not looking for an incredible commitment level here, just maybe two or three nights of practice a week. At minimum: Basic Halo 3 competitive experience. (Know call-outs, able to run set ups, and ability to work as a team and listen) If you are an uptight asshole- I don't care if you are amazing, find another team. I'm trying to enjoy the weekend whether we win or not. As a Free agent: Why you should pick me up as a 4th. I have been playing halo 3 this whole time. Never owned Reach and only played H4 for two months. I listen and communicate well. Very well practiced at LAN. I have hosted over 20 local competitive H3 LANs in the past 5 years. Hit me up if you are interested or have any questions! GT: My Old Bones

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