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  1. Epsilon played so well. But I feel like CLG was underestimating them which led the games to be closer than they should've been. But man did I want to see an epsilon upset.
  2. Taking nothing away from Epsilon, Jimbo and Snipedrone were going off, but c9 was consistently choking easy kills. They were playing real hesitant and it was so frustrating to watch.
  3. Has the format for worlds been mentioned yet? I know there is a group stage but is it single elim after groups like regionals? Or is there a losers bracket as well.
  4. I'm assuming gone altogether, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :/
  5. Recently made the switch over to pc gaming and have been playing the shit out of go. Really enjoying myself as I learn the game. If any former halo players want to game with me send me a request on steam. My id is HighLght
  6. I get ddosed all the time in league play in cod. More than I did playing halo 3. I haven't been host booted yet coming back. Although I've played against modders a few times now. I thought kids were over that shit. -_-
  7. This is the first AGL event I'm actually going to watch.
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