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  1. I think NV will be more like 10-4, so add another win to LG, EG or TL, but otherwise I think you are spot on.
  2. Catching up on watching the EG-Liquid scrim from last night. EG looks really good. I think they are taking positive momentum from the CLG scrim. Close games do matter, if you focus on the positives rather than the negatives. You can keep good habits and iron out the bad ones. The communication is getting better, and the gun skill is real for all 4 of them. Lunchbox continues to impress me. Never watched him before, but he's really, really good at Halo 5.
  3. Dayummmm, APG with the truth/ reality bomb. 6-8 big open MLG-esque LANs a year would absolutely be better than online leagues and a few very small LANs.
  4. I cannot imagine they will lose every single match all season. One bottom four team will have an off night. OpTic is not four awful players or anything - just the dedication and motivation seems to be lacking at times.
  5. A_Muggle

    Film Discussion

    Sure, hope you may like one or two of them. I'm on the fence for Don't Breathe and the Blair Witch sequel. I seem to be in the minority for taste in some horror respects, though, ha. I actually like The Village, and last year's the Witch which was so heralded by critics, I actually thought was only okay. The last 10 minutes ruin the whole movie - loved it up until then.
  6. Haha, no problem at all, dude. Thanks for the extra upvotes. <3 I see people always posting "accidental neg" - at first i thought it was a meme, but I saw it so often for so long that I learned it's a real thing. Back on topic - Looking forward to the EG scrim tonight. Hope they can bounce back from the very lackluster performance against E6 last night.
  7. It really is like a different game. And glad to hear the map plays well.
  8. A_Muggle

    NFL Thread

    I completely agree. He's going to be making millions regardless, and if he plays well he'll get another big deal down the road. This makes him look bad, to me. We do not know the whole story or how talks went, but I'd put it more on Sosa than on the Chargers.
  9. I'll get over it. Thanks to everyone else for the welcome.
  10. My high was 54 for season 1, though i only played like 50 competitive games I think. The coin flip killed many potential wins, too, so I am glad that and overtime are going away for Season 2. Also really looking forward to the new map. I have more hours as Reaper than as everyone else combined, but I am finding it a lot of fun lately to play Reinhardt and DVa.
  11. A_Muggle

    Film Discussion

    I'm a huge horror fan, even though most films made for the genre are bad, or at least have bad endings, ha. Anyway, here's a list of some I liked that many likely have not heard of: Session 9 Sauna (from Finland) They Look Like People (currently on Netflix streaming) Atrocious (from Spain) More known, but still good: Let the Right One In (Swedish, though the American remake Let Me In is pretty good too) One Hour Photo (I believe it is also on Netflix streaming right now)
  12. Haha, yeah. I like him, too. Got to hear him a lot in Ninja's stream as the Renegadse/ C9 coach. I hope we get to hear about locked rosters from the players or orgs themselves later today so we do not have to wait for a reveal/ unveiling stream or official post somewhere.
  13. Ramirez's post is great, and I agree with almost all of it. I think AAA games of course have a lot of polish - well, most of the time (looking at you - Homefront Revolution). Until Dawn was a masterpiece on PS4 last year from a big studio, the Zelda games are always excellent, etc. However, I am also finding myself drawn to more indie games lately. I do not think it is because AAA games are getting worse, it's just that most indies are now made by AAA studio talent, and often even ex-AAA developers, who are making passion products, and that often shines through. Inside, Layers of Fear, Valley, Outlast, Gone Home, Firewatch, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. So many great indies on PS4 and Xbox One. I am sure there are tons more on PC, but I only have an out-of-the-box laptop so I just stick to systems for gaming.
  14. I absolutely had to sign-up and post what a joy it is to read glorious Haikus, see so many dank memes, so many unfounded, opinionated takes on players and what game was better. Never change, everyone. :glasses: All that said, I think the Fall HCS league will again be a battle for who gets second behind CLG. nV, EG, and Liquid look like the three most likely to vie for second, although Luminosity has looked fairly good, and ALG may develop into a top team. And of course OpTic is the clear 8th place team - that 14-0 with Heinz against EG was quite brutal, even coming from a Ninja sub.
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