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  1. I'm looking for people to play with, solo queuing is taking a dramatic toll on my emotions. I would prefer players that frequently play and typically in to4. Negatromitor Arena (D6) Slayer (O) NA (east coast)
  2. If there are still active players looking for customs- send me a friend request GT: Negatromitor
  3. This seems a little ridiculous, IMO. It looks like a ploy from this "Money 8s" org to make money off of people without having to do a thing... And to add, "Money Matches" already exists and from my knowledge has been signing players. Am I missing the point of this? If a team wanted to place money on a scrim couldn't that be done without a middle man?
  4. I'm not doing this with you anymore. it's not fun.
  5. I had this feeling that no matter where i posted on this forum you would be the person to answer me...
  6. I can't imagine that the Halo scene in Georgia is this dead. Are there any upcoming local events, LANs or anything?

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