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  1. I wish we could get series like that every time they play each other at events. It's just unbelievable halo.
  2. Splyce just came back from being down 40-20 to envy on Eden slayer. Gotta be one of the greatest comebacks I've seen in h5.
  3. Sorry but I don't think you can possibly know if it will make them stronger or not.
  4. I was about to say the same thing. That's what makes this whole situation so disappointing. The past few months, and even in pro league somewhat, I've seen some of the best halo I've ever watched. I remember watching great series between fb and carbon from h2, and the last year of h3 had so many incredible series as well usually with some combo of fb/instinct/td/Sq/bth and dynasty. But right now we are also getting so many exciting matches. I feel like game 5s and game 7s are starting to become the norm for a lot of the hyped series. There are so many fantastic players and teams. For a lot of us, we know how good halo is and how good it can be. We just know when we watch it that this is fucking great. I want to believe there are a lot of people out there who would feel the same way we do if they were following the scene the way we are now. I really do believe given the right in-game settings and atmosphere for spectators,among other things, halo could make some real noise again in the eSports scene.
  5. I also hope that Roy and Lunch do not retire yet. Personally I would have liked to see them stick with Ninja after fall league and then added contra to that team.
  6. What would you guys think about these teams? Snipedown, Huke, Shotzzy, Renegade Mikwen, Ola, Penguin, Rayne Personally I'd love to see that. Because both teams would probably be very good and certain players wouldn't be getting screwed over except Eco and StelluR, but they're sick and would most likely find a very good team. I know it's probably not very realistic. But I'd love to watch both of these teams. What do you guys think?
  7. Royal 2 and snakebite have 1 reach win as well as lethul if I believe
  8. I would agree with you. And I'm leaning towards Shotzzy. Pair Shotzzy and Huke on one team. Please
  9. I love all of the players on NV. I've watched snipedown and ola play for about 10 years now. But the 'worlds' optic is just too good. Personally I'd love to see NV add another young God to play alongside huke. The kid had nearly 20 kills on plaza slayer and the next player had 10 I believe it was mikwen. I know it's just one game but that's kind of how it goes for nv sometimes. Whether they make a change or not is fine with me. But optic at full power is still clearly the best team.
  10. I think that's a great observation. In some situations good players just know when to switch to the AR. But I'd say there are also a ton of situations where players crouch with an AR out because of the radar advantage.
  11. Honestly I think this is the most fun I've had watching halo in a long time
  12. Agreed. StelluR in general just seems like a humble and quiet guy. He's not the kind to draw attention to himself. So I really believe he was being honest and sincere when he made that post. Really hope everything works out for him.
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