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  1. I think the issue is you are acting like all these "excuses" are coming out after the fact. These are know issues that are ongoing. Yes NV won some damn good matches and yes illness probably had an effect on the matches. Please stop acting like both cannot be true.
  2. Aren't you the guy that asked to be negged a while ago?
  3. Unsure how it would work but if you could work in relegation matches around the open events so AM teams could break in during that would be awesome
  4. Damn watching ryanoobs video on prize money was pretty sad. I know cost of living is different all around the country but I'm out here in California so from my perspective I don't know how they do it. Video really makes you feel for the teams that are that close to making it.
  5. I'm guessing you would have preferred Breaking Benjamin Kappa
  6. I actually enjoyed that ffa was really cool to see renegade do well
  7. I really liked the editing with the characters you put in lmao
  8. yeah you're definitely right just meant with his opinion of it.
  9. I don't agree, I think halo is on the upswing with or without radar. The fact is the general esports community doesn't care about halo very much (eventually I think they will regardless of radar). I was watching a stream of an owner of an organization a couple weeks ago and he said at the moment he wouldn't even think about investing in a halo team because "people don't give a shit about halo". I think the best way to change this is great events, prize pools, and rivalries/great matches all of which are happening. Also FYI I think there definitely needs to be a radar change whether it be no radar or an ability based one.
  10. I don't see a single part of his post that refers to skill in the game.
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