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  1. I emailed a couple journalists for video game websites to fill them in on how this shit show was par for the course, in hopes that there are some sort of negative repercussions for ESL and/or 343. I'd encourage others to do the same. (Ethan Gach with Kotaku seems to enjoy covering Halo 5 content) I just watched the best Halo 5 match I've ever seen on that Coli flag and I didn't even care, I'm so shitty.
  2. Any idea as to whether the multiplayer only disc for H3 that was bundled with ODST will work? Went digging through my old games when I saw the announcement and I seem to have lost my original H3 copy, but somehow H2, ODST, Reach, and H4 have survived the gauntlet that is me moving every year or so
  3. Twitch has 1150 viewers rn, Mixer has 430. That's about 400 more viewers than I thought Mixer would have. Stream quality is poop on both though.
  4. Am I crazy for hoping this actually does bring about some sort of change in the aiming system? In the great words of Royal 2, "I just want to aim my gun in peace."
  5. I am so fucking excited about the future of halo right now. This series is crazy, these announcements are awesome.. FeelsGoodMan
  6. Been busy and I'm getting this in late, but I went to UGC and just wanted to say that it was a ton of fun. My only gripes are that I couldn't hear the casters because the speakers were turned down so low (maybe so they didn't echo onto the stream?) and I couldn't hear the interviews, either. Besides that, the venue was awesome, the competition was awesome, and there was a hellacious amount of shit talking. I definitely want to leave this highlight from Ola Saturday night after the internet went down, though. He, Legion, and Joe Fries put on a miniature comedy club and it was great, wish I would have recorded the whole thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6cjJVxXBDU&feature=youtu.be
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