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  1. Just caught up on Daytona. Insane how well Snakebite played despite being sick. I legit didn't recognize his voice on Day 1, and for a moment thought OG was playing with a sub. Regardless, NV really turned it up at the end. Wasn't expecting them to rip through Liquid like that. And the new settings are so much more fun to watch. Played a bit of the HCS Summer playlist too. For the first time in H5, I kind of feel like I'm playing Halo again. And not just a shooter with Halo slapped on the cover. But Halo 5 looks like a sequel to Halo 4?
  2. That pro seed might draw some players. A guaranteed seed is so much less risky than saying no and someone else saying yes, or saying no and having to play for it and maybe not getting it at all. Mind games galore.
  3. April 1st always finds a way to make me feel stupid. I got super hype for a moment.
  4. It was no problem. Just a quick "Trump Bernie" search in the old thread brought 'em up. Glad to help. Can't blame him. It kind of sucks being an am right now if you're trying to break into the pros. Break back in, in Devon's case.
  5. Here you go. Cyren's post: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/14817-halo-world-championship-2017-teams-seeds-and-discussion%E2%80%8F/page-361?do=findComment&comment=891084 Vivi's reply: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/14817-halo-world-championship-2017-teams-seeds-and-discussion%E2%80%8F/page-395?do=findComment&comment=892255
  6. Man, I really hope Cryptic(are they still all together?) makes it in to the pro-league. Ryanoob really impressed me.
  7. Thats pretty cool. I forget how they used it, (and what its even called) but if ESL brings back that analysis screen thing for Worlds this weekend, they should implement this or something like this.
  8. For the most part, haven't really liked Butter's casting at the events. But he's pretty good here.
  9. Did the ALG team get dropped? I just noticed they've been playing under "Spartan and Friends" in the Online Cups.
  10. Won't happen, but I want some maps that are bare bones in terms of weapon/power-up pick ups. Like a map with two snipers and one overshield or camo, and a few nades.
  11. Last night of the year, and I just wanted to thank you guys(this thread in particular) for keeping me entertained during a time when I thought I'd just drop Halo completely. Happy New Years, everyone!
  12. Really thought E6 was gonna reverse sweep for a moment. Phew.
  13. A little curious: has the ghandi hop become more popular again? Felt like a lot of players were doing it in their jumps during the Pro League. I can't tell if the vod was just a little choppy, though. Or I just haven't noticed it until now... Rig is kind of a close quarters map, so it makes sense.

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