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  1. I'm just getting around to watching the Splyce vs Tox series' and I just wanted to say that it feels great to see Frosty playing horribly and not giving off a single teabag during the entire 2 series'. I wonder how much his ego has taken a hit since Splyce took over. Also what do you guys think about Tox's "1v1 strategy" of putting 2-3 shots into a player then thrusting AT the opponent to try and finish them off with a melee. I seem to only see Tox do this most of the time not many other teams do this as much as Tox does. Imo this is a weird strategy.
  2. GT: yoElement Mainly Slayer, but would be down for Arena as well. Playtime: Whenever I can Slayer: Onyx 1600+ (Always range between 1600-1800) Am looking for some people to run the slayer playlist with. Sick and tired of teammates not having mics, not being aware at all of powerups/power weapons on the map, basically just sick of running solo queue. Which is how I play 100% of the time. I am also looking to improve a bit as a player, especially with my callouts and map positioning. Not to brag, but I truly think I'm good enough to get a champion rank it's just playing solo makes it nearly impossible.
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