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  1. Sup guys I was pretty active in the halo 3 mug scene and I'm trying to get it back and started again. Adjusted well to this game hum to run some games. g/t: Eiamint
  2. Looking for some good kids to play arena Eiamint is the gt. Be onyx hmu
  3. Listen I have had a lot of fun playing this game and I'm the last person to say fuck sprint blah blah, but the more you play better people it's just thrust away and sprint away from damage. It's honestly thrust more than anything you can get out of any bad situation you put yourself in. Competitive halo is done with these 2 elements in play. You cannot deny it
  4. I've been playing this beat a lot and all the BS aside with ARs I'm having a ton of fun. I want to see with BR starts what it's like but I like these 2 maps and I think thruster needs a few more seconds CD. Sprint is useless as a get out of jail free card because it takes you out of the action for a good 7-8 seconds and you usually die anyway.
  5. Personally, this thread turns into kind of what a complaint website is. Lets say 8 out of 10 are having a pleasurable experience you won't hear from those 8, but those 2 that are having problems. Personally, I had a multitude of problems up until last weeks update. Customs have been fine for a while, especially since Game Freezes for me have been non existent. One thing I noticed is if you stop playing, and then come back after another app or something. QUIT and restart. Always gets my matchmaking going much quicker.
  6. Have people been checking their NAT types and such? I have been playing with almost 0 problems since I got back from school. Maybe every 1 out of 10 there is some weird 5v4 or something. Other than that 2 minute average wait time and games are fine. Biggest problem is I can't play any playlist except for Anniversary because everyone quits with the no rank.
  7. Quick Tip: Anyone with matchmaking connecting issues always quit and restart game. 90% of the time it fixs long ques etc. Also, have we heard anything about ranks coming to the rest of the playlists or what?
  8. Will say I am getting matches so much more quickly and efficiently. Games are all now 4v4. Seems When it messed up a D/C or Guest is involved
  9. Getting customs going, Add Eiamint or send a message. G/T: Eiamint
  10. So that new $100 off deal for microsoft to trade in 360? Traded in a broken one and demanded the holiday bundle for assassins creed instead of a refurb. So I found a way to screw them right back $250 for Xbox One, Assassins Creed, and Halo
  11. Been playing with a friend all day, average 2-4 minutes to find a team slayer game and have had no uneven teams at all.
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