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  1. BUMP This is a chance to warm up on LAN and get used to what playing on Local Server feels like the weekend before Orlando, if you can make it, come out and support the Chicago Halo scene and meet some awesome players!
  2. Hey Guys! Chicago Gaming League & GameWorks are proud to present the 2nd round of Esports Tournaments! On Saturday February 10th at GameWorks in Schaumburg we wil be hosting the following tournaments: Super Smash Bros. Melee - Singles (No Items, 8 min. 4 Stock) Halo 5: Guardians - Doubles (HWC Slayer ONLY, 25 Kills) Halo 5: Guardians - Free For All (HWC FFA, 12 Minute) All Halo games will be played on Halo 5: Local Server Application for smoothest gameplay possible. Local connection, Live Stream & Open Play after tournaments! Buy in is $10 per tournament CASH ONLY at door, no pre-registration. Registration & Sign-Ups start @ 11 AM on Saturday Feb. 10th at door Sign-Ups close @ 12 PM, Late Registration & Sign-Ups 12 PM-1 PM - $15 Brackets go LIVE at 1 PM no late entrants will be added to the bracket after this time. BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER/HEADSET Venue has it's own Food/Bev/Bar available for purchase. Venue also goes STRICTLY 21+ w/ ID after 9:30 PM for all Entrants/Attendees Venue Address: GameWorks Schamburg 601 N. Martingale Rd. Suite 115 Schamburg, IL - 60173
  3. *BUMP* We are still looking for 1 for UGC Pass is already reserved and waiting at door, with guaranteed To3 going. To3 consists of Boo Boo Bair, RailGGun, and My Tails (me). Please hit me up on twitter @My_Tails or on XBL:My Tails we're looking to lock down this roster ASAP.
  4. Going to UGC St. Louis would prefer to finalize the team this week (week of October 2nd). We're looking for 1, possibly 2, depending on a final answer from our teammate in Canada. If interested keep in mind we're trying to buy the pass ASAP, meaning we would need your portion. Anyone interested in trying out contact Boo Boo Bair or My Tails on Xbox Live, we usually play weekdays at various times throughout. Serious inquiries only, we're trying to grind and win!
  5. Whatever happened to the open bracket connecting to the pro bracket at Live Events? MLG 2009-2010 type tournaments, why did we leave this system?
  6. Hey guys! My duo (Schlayygs) and I are hosting a Halo 5: Guardians LAN/2v2 Tournament this upcoming Saturday November 7th at The Gaming Goat in Joliet, IL. So far we're planning to do the 2v2 tournament as well as 8's all night but depending on the amount of people show up we can develop it into a 4v4, anyways if you guys are in the area this weekend, come check it out! It is BYOE (bring your own equipment), this includes bringing your own Monitor/Xbox/Game Copy etc. If you guys have any additional info contact us on twitter: @My_Tails or @@Schlayygs Thanks guys! Hope some of you come on by!
  7. Check out my man @DavidSsandman on twitter, really good photographer and lover of competitive Halo; took some awesome pictures from the event.
  8. errrr i don't know dude, you saw the text messages right? Kinda seems like T2 just made the decision 1 by himself and 2 out of spite of PT, sooooo would that still make him a "good businessman"?
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