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  1. It will be a combination of online and LAN qualifiers. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/halowc-2017-announce
  2. I don't that exists at the moment, but it would be a great idea to create a highlight package as a run-up to the start of the HWC series. @@Timo seeing as we just concluded the first full year of Pro League, is there any chance we can get a highlight/recap package before the start of HWC, that would be dope
  3. Same. I had a few friends leave Halo for Overwatch and Destiny(why?) because Halo was too sweaty and competitive. In fact, 2 days ago I had a friend run Slayer with me and she quit after 3 games because, "its just too competitive for me." Hopefully, these new social playlists will bring people back to the game so that we can enjoy Halo as a group again.
  4. Moving forward, it's a safe bet that the Skirmish playlist will become the testing ground for those gametypes for later inclusion in the rotation/HCS. I'm pretty sure we will see them there at some point. They are probably not ready for testing at the moment.
  5. Is it weird that I'm more excited for the social skirmish playlist than I am for the regular Arena one? It will be cool to play some gametypes again like Empire CTF, while getting to see how SH plays on Mercy and Stasis as well. Overall, it's a pretty solid playlist lineup.
  6. I will only make one comment on #pantsgate and then bury the issue forever... I have to agree with ESL on the matching pants. It gives the game's professional scene a professional look while still enabling creative expression. It would be funny if an entire team showed up in bright yellow checkered pajama pants and Orange crocs as part of their uniform. Also, when you look at the pictures of some LoL teams... They may look nerdy depending on your taste; but you can't tell me the aesthetic ain't clean af.
  7. To be fair, last night the organizer went to both Dynasty and Pnda to see if they still wanted to play at 2AM. He told them if they didn't, then they would resume in the morning. Dynasty wanted to play, pnda didn't, so the night ended. Can't blame them for trying to get the matches in so that the schedule didn't get jammed with last night's carry-over. Overall, I think they didn't anticipate the turnout for this event which is both a good and bad thing. Good in a sense that there is more enthusiasm around the game and the scene. Bad in a sense that this increase in enthusiasm is sending the organizers scrambling to fit everything into 2 days which leads to the tourneys going until 5AM est.
  8. Sucks you guys can't hear us cheering. Kind of crazy considering that it's so loud in here.
  9. An idea for making the Open "LANs" relevant to the overall Pro League: On the weekend of a LAN, instead of having Pro League on the normal Wednesday/Thursday schedule, why not move both matches to the Friday of the LAN and still have the open bracket for Saturday/Sunday? This way, we get Pro League live and in-person (there is a lot of cool stuff that can be done with this) and still have the rest of the weekend for the open bracket tournament for everyone who wants to sign up. This would also eliminate the issue like with St. Louis where you have Pro League on Wed/Thurs, then an open LAN on Sat/Sun, then Pro League AGAIN the following Wed/Thurs which can be taxing on the players when you factor in travel times, jet lag, etc. It would also ensure that the teams get out to the events as it would become mandatory for them to be there. Did I mention live Pro League? Edit: For the sake of the players, instead of having Pro League on the following Wed/Thurs, why not skip that week and replace it with something fun like a few Pro 8s matches or maybe broadcast a scrim. This way, we still have content week-by-week without tiring out the players. Again, I'm just throwing ideas out there...
  10. Honestly, I'm so glad Pro League tonight was great! Really helped lift my spirits after yesterday/last night. I'm pumped for tomorrow's matches, it's gonna go down.
  11. Did you fill the spot yet? I will be attending Vegas and would be down to team up with the Meme Team!
  12. This is exactly right. The major flaw in 343's logic about having the integrated playlist is that it assumes the casual community and the competitive community will always want to play the same thing. We are seeing now that couldn't be further from the truth. You're right in saying the casual community want their DLC maps and gametypes, while the competitive community wants a more tailored experience with what we deem to be the most competitive settings/gametypes the game has to offer. The needs of minority and majority are in competition with each other when they don't have to be. The balancing act is winnable if they yield on the vision of a unified playlist and realize it is never going to work. Our needs are just too different.
  13. Sadly, I wish the developers better understood this. If they really looked closely at the entire Halo community, they would see that a lot of players would be fine with having a separate playlist for Team Arena and HCS settings.
  14. I would love it if they could expand the Pro League to include 10 teams instead of 8, with the top 8 teams going into the playoff final and the bottom 2 playing in relegation. Also, I think brining back the points system would make things very interesting. Instead of determining seeds based on w/l, you determine points based on the individual map w/l. For example: If E6 vs. LG goes 3-2 in favor of E6, E6 gets 3 points and LG gets 2 points. While LG still takes the loss, which hurts them in the event of a tie, they still get some credit for winning 2 maps in the series. Seed positions are determined by points (obviously) and game w/l breaks the ties. This would not only make every match a contentious affair, but teams would have to scrap for every map to gain points (increase in competitiveness). The top teams would be more inclined to try and 3-0 other teams because it helps separate them from the rest of the field. This also allows for there to be HCS implications at the Open LAN events as well. By switching to this kind of points-based system, we can decrease some of the volatility of the w/l system where you can have one team contending for the top 4 seeds have a bad week and drop into/close to the relegation zone. As for the playoffs... with a 10 team league we can still have the 8 team playoff bracket and still have a relegation tournament for the bottom 2 Pro League Teams and top 2 Challenger League teams. I think there was an argument given by @@Timo that if they do an 8 team playoff with the current format, that would create the possibility of a relegation team winning the Pro League final. While unlikely, it is a possibility. By expanding the overall Pro League to 10 teams, we can have both 8 team playoff bracket and separate relegation tournament which satisfies our need for a true playoff bracket while being fair to the teams who grind all season in Pro League. While I don't expect the points system to be implemented (it would be cool if it was), I think ESL should take a hard look at expanding the league by 2 slots. It would make for a much more exciting and competitive Pro League in the long run, and provides more opportunities for AM players/teams to rise up to the next level. Maybe then the orgs will want to stick around
  15. I find it funny how the internet enables this kind of shit. Those tweets, Ninja's whatever-you-want-to-call-that bullshit in the clip, Twitch chat, etc. all boil down to one fact: they're really not about that life. You will never see Ninja go up to a group of Latino men and do that dumbass impression. You will never see Cratos go up to a group of black men and call them all criminals who steal shit. You won't find one person in Twitch chat who would go up to a person a color and use racial slurs. Stop it.
  16. That's a big job. Are you sure you can Rise to the occasion? Are you sure you have what takes to bring down us Renegades who dare post shitty puns? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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