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  1. Has this gone up yet? If so can i get an invite to the group- Onyx arena player. Gt King Louie XL
  2. Whats up guys! I'm currently looking to run games with someone for 2v2 tournaments and game battles 2s ladder. I dont have a solid 2v2 partner that can considtently play in these tourneys... i played in the 128 team 2v2 Astro team beyond tourney cpl weeks ago and i placed top 32. Didnt have any first round byes so we didnt get skipped to that placing. I knoe its not really that good top 32 but i placed that with someone i met cpl hours before the tournament. So right now i am looking for a solid player that i can play 2v2s with and get better as a 2s team. We can run games in doubles and grind to get better and we can get 2v2 scrims as well. My goal is to find someone who has good comms and good shot that i can team with and grind with so we can eventually take one of these 2v2 tourneys and win some money and some astros. Right now i am currently Onyx 1600 in Team Doubles and i run by myself. Most of the time i run solo doubles i end up playing a champion or high onyx and his buddy on a smurf and i will get a platinum player and myself so its kind of tiring have to put up 18 kills in doubles and still lose cause your team mate is a casual lol. Btw add me right now ill be on all day and we can run games at some point. Gt King Louie XL
  3. Im going to add u my GT is King Louie XL. Im cool with str8 sick cause im subbed to him on twitch and i think i might have played eith u and him in sub games. But lets run games soon man. Im adding u
  4. still looking for a team. almost everyone who has posted here or adding me has not been on or invited me to run games. open circuit starts sept 18th. if i dont find a good team by next thursday i will not be competiting at all and will just play occasionally for fun. i really hope i can find ato3 from now to then to run with or find 3 good free agents. but i highly doubt this qill happen. GT. King Louie XL... hmu while u still can nefore i hang up the sticks for good. im not a quitter but i am a realist, & if i dont find a team soon that i believein and is dedicated i wont waste my time trying to find a team and compete for i am 24 years old with a whole bunch of other stuff i could be apending my time on. bump for one last shot at this!!
  5. add king louie xl if u want to run. im desperating for a team right now. if i dont have a team by next thursday i will not be trying to clmpete at all anymore
  6. i dont know of any but here in RI there is a spot called gaming palace and they could host one if enough players came
  7. Need a doubles partner for tomorrow!!! the person i played with last week has school and the other has football. last week i won the first 2 series and lost the 3rd getting top 32 out of 128 with no first round byes... i am online right now and will be on all day so if you want to play doubles add me up GT- King Louie XL
  8. Getting on right now so if anyone is reading add me up lrts goo
  9. hey everyone.... i am online right now and will be on all day to run games so add me up!!! lets get it
  10. Chatt predictions this weekend? Any pro teams going? Heard e6 is going but is there any truth behind that? I know Cloud, Str8 Sick, Ryanoob, Toxsick are going as Hyve Gaming. I have them winning it all but who knows and its all depending on qhat other am teams go and if any pro teams go. Predictions for 4v3 and ffa anyone? I know H5 Youtube Proximity is going
  11. Add King Louie XL. Over the course of the next 7 days i will be running games with a lot of people. By next thursday i hope to have a team that is ready to start grinding by next weekend
  12. Quick update guys. Still looking for a team!!! It seems that a lot of players that post on here are hardly ever on and when they are on they don't join up to run games... i am seriously looking for a team. Like i said i am onyx in arena on King Louie XL. Im also Onyx in Arena on Top Rankk, Monster Luu, and H5 Louie. The ranks might have reset but you can check on waypoint or h5 tracker for august season. The grind is real.over here. If you are ready to run games post your gt and add me with a msg saying run games. Then we will set up a time to start running. Please don't bother if you are just going to not show up to run, not on atleast once a day, not willing to play atleast 14 games together when we are running. Not willing to get better.. need players that can go over strats together, keep grinding together, stay humble when we win, and positive when we lose... i might have a partner we can run with as well. On tuesday i met someone in LifeStyles Twitch chat that i ended up competitng in the Team Beyond 128 Team 2v2 tourney.. we were 75th seed. Did not get any first round byes and we still placed Top 32.
  13. Dude i had no idea you were competiting either and that's great that you already have a To3. I won't be on until late tonight. Friday i will be on from 9am until 4pm and then afterwards i will be back on around 11pm. Saturday 9 to 3pm. Then 11pm again until about 1 to 2am. Sunday, monday, and tuesday will be 12 hour grinds at least. So sun mon and tuesday we can run just let me know what time. Im on east coast and i would love to run games with you Benguin... qho else are you teaming with?

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