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  1. But none of this helped E6 win. It made them lose actually. Pretty pathetic and petty when you think about it.
  2. Looks like the decision has already been made though. Maybe ESL did some further investigation we are currently not aware of. I think it would be best for StelluR to leave it alone now and let the proper authority handle things further. Wouldn't want him to be shown in a negative light.
  3. Read the quote people you are missing the joke entirely. FML
  4. Wait so if cratos did do it he would have to play two accounts at once. He only has one Xbox that isn't possible.
  5. Man I don't know why I even try being sarcastic on the Internet.
  6. Unfortunately none of this actually proves cratos did this. I'm not saying he didn't but loyalty, respect, Six I mean come on surely not Cratos.
  7. I imagined some super sad music playing when I read this.
  8. Well ok then I guess at least we can both agree its a shit situation. Anyway feel free to move on and continue being a boss now.
  9. So its not the same issue then is it? I'm just saying that something may be off but with out access to the source code none of us have a clue where the problem is, why its happening, or how to fix it.
  10. Looks like his monitor has hella input lag. Most everyone else royal 2 included say PC aim is amazing and is how console aim should be.
  11. Would be nice to have am only events though. In any sport college teams aren't expected to beat pro teams.
  12. I don't think he carried anything seeing as they finished on bottom.
  13. I hope we can all agree when I say FUCK KEEMSTAR! On topic though if no one streams this CLG VS. NV scrim I will be up all night crying.
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