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  1. Ola is currently at the helm for http://www.twitch.tv/snip3down rare chance to see him playing and commentating
  2. Alright, I opened this can of worms so I feel like I should explain myself. Someone affiliated with HCS was in a pro's twitch chat and let slip they're considering an Open LAN in St. Louis. They immediately backpedaled and said they weren't supposed to talk about it. I didn't think they'd be happy with the attention, so I didn't screenshot it or anything. edit: to clarify, they didn't specify a date, only the location.
  3. Seconding this. I've never seen PJ show an ounce of unprofessionalism. guy has zen-like patience and great insights, it's impossible to dislike him.
  4. Came out of lurking just to share this (barely missed the ninja at the start) https://clips.twitch.tv/naded/EasyOstrichSMSkull

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