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  1. xboxdvr.com/FaZe+VeNoMzzzz/7c6bda82-b9e2-4168-b762-22d9efe6598e xboxdvr.com/FaZe+VeNoMzzzz/3ad36822-3a94-42fe-b45b-f61fd38b75c7 Awesome host. Best host 2015.
  2. I got back 1 week ago to MCC i did not even had the game anymore neither did i touched it since December i still had like 4 clips from when i played in December that i used but i promise you really 90% of the clips are from 1 week also the other uploads i got was kinda looking in my youtube folder getting something out i stopped playing for like 2 to 3 months since xbox 360 was dead and i did not had MCC. i was playing Elder Scrolls Online on PC
  3. That is a big possibility ;D It's all i play right now just choked on a fucking Jaro he jumped randomly :@ xboxdvr.com/FaZe+VeNoMzzzz/142e4b13-39e1-48ff-b973-9c6845321b8f
  4. What is up people thinking i did that, 1 i have no job and i am broke i still need to pay dentist bills. 2. why should i buy retweets when it does not even benefit me at all. and 3 like i said i have no money i rather spend money in buying a new chair or monitor since they are both 10 years old and this monitor i have right now has no audio....
  5. New video Halo 3 MCC Montage more than 90% of the clips i did get past week also on stream was pretty fun getting back into Halo again since i stopped playing for a couple months i am still rusty but got some decent leftover clips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_WaGtYOgh8 Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did making it!
  6. I liked spotting in GOW but it stays there for a couple seconds and even if he runs away you can still see the arrow on his head. I rather call out Lobby [Construct] and have no idea if he went Open or Close or even Sword. higher skillgap = better game
  7. They want to remake Halo 3 on PC. But i am not sure if they are allowed to use the Halo 3 BR but however a Halo 1 PC mod got a great looking BR they can use.
  8. Ah oke i though it was going to be released couple days ago, i guess i have to keep my fingers crossed then.
  9. Ranking System working or nah? I have not touched the game since uhm. December.
  10. I tried going on bios and i cannot change anything so i looked for bios update but there is none it is running smoother now. I can record and play on 30 fps instead of 20 fps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOeiISXpoC0 I'm using my pvr program instead of obs it is allot better
  11. Yea i did everything i possibly could do, but nothing helped. I just had a update for my intel graphic card hope it helps a little bit Thank you btw for trying to help me but i think the game is just horribly optimized.
  12. Playing on 720p everything on low. Meanwhile running Elder Scrolls Online on high.... 30 fps...
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