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  1. I'm glad you're attending Quietman! I will have a flash drive ready for softmodding, while Steven Brazell and Xorg I believe use action replay. I had to buy a 2gb usb flash drive from china on ebay and thankfully that one worked. Apparently og xbox hdd's are picky about the type of usb lol
  2. Just updating Event: South TX LAN When: June 23 - 25th 2017 Where: La Quinta Hotel Location: Portland, TX Entry Fee: $40/player Start Time: 12:00 pm CST Prize Pool: TBA Livestream: Twitch.tv/AlmightyShadeLIVE Livestream Equipment: HP a8 Laptop (livestream) Asus Laptop (anhkbot for giveaways) HD PVR 1 RCA splitters (x3) OBS (Open Broadcast Software) Netgear 16 port switch (x2) Ethernet cords (x7) Blue Yeti Pro Mic + pop filter + sound barrier Classic Xbox + Halo CE NHE v7 Current Sponsors: Moba-LABS BAWLS Guarana Domino's Pizza OPSEAT Livestream GIVEAWAYS! OPSEAT gaming chair (x1) Skillshot XR by Moba Labs (x2) BAWLS Guarana gear Xbox Live 6 Month Gold Membership (x1) Attendees List: http://challonge.com/southtxlan2017 Website: http://bit.ly/2fQnEQl
  3. You guys could always Facebook Live the CE stations, unless there's a strict no livestreaming thing for the CE stations.
  4. Can't wait to see this! Wish I could have attended. I should be available for BL7!
  5. Ah alrighty. I just want to get all the details as I've never been to Beach LAN before and trying to get all the details possible before committing to signing up. Thank you @@Riddler
  6. Hey everyone, So, I've been interested to going to Beach LAN 6, but I'm investing a lot of money into the South TX LAN in June. So, a few friends from Texas said that we could all drive to Florida, which would be a little over a 20hr drive. Whether I have enough money to get plane tickets or not, would there be a person able to pick us up from a near by hotel to go to the LAN?
  7. @@Mentalityy_TLC There's two other guys who are interested in throwing down a small LAN between the 4 of us if you're interested.
  8. Here's the set in stone details: When: June 23 - 25th 2017 Venue: La Quinta hotel Location: Portland, TX Start Time: 12:00 p.m. LAN Fee: $40/player All players are welcome to bring their own equipment, but advised to properly label their own equipment to avoid losing/mixing them up.
  9. The South TX LAN is rescheduled for June 23 - 25th 2017. I have the same hotel reserved, but one person suggested in the houston area, since it's a central spot for most of us. If everyone would prefer a houston Venue, we would need one that will: 1. Be reasonably priced for the rental fee of all 3 days 2. Allow us to either play all day and night, or be opened until 2 a.m.
  10. I might push this back to summer time. A number of people had spent a lot of money moving, taking care of surgery, and starting new jobs. So I'd rather them get settled instead of putting themselves in a financial hole. But, at least this way, it'll give people time to save up, and get the days requested off and maybe we can get it all 3 days.
  11. Everyone from out of town still coming to the LAN? If not, I might cancel the event and push it back to summer time. Don't wanna pay for both days out of pocket.
  12. ***UPDATE*** Due to a co-organizer being unable to attend the LAN, we had to adjust pricing to be able to pay the rental fee. $25 for 1 day $40 for both days A few locals already dropped out due to that, but I'm not surprised. Regardless if some of them have never been to a LAN or not, they need to understand venues are not cheap, and there's rental fees.
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade hardware for my stream, but I would like your input in what I should get. A few people have stated in the chat that they would like me to stream at high quality, so that way everything is clear, but my laptop's cpu power can't let me do that. So, here are the options. 1. Blue Yeti Pro mic & Logitech c920 webcam Pros: High quality audio and facecam visuals for stream and upcoming vlogs. Cons: Stream will still be at 480ish quality. 2. New gaming pc Pros: Will be able to stream at 720 or 1080 (Or close to 720p that way the viewers who don't have high speed net can still view my stream). Cons: Won't have a mic or webcam and would have to interact with chat specifically by typing.
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