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  1. ?? The team said they were going to do a driveway play. They knew what he was doing
  2. ninja seems to be tilting less tonight edit: and as I say that they blow that huge empire sh lead
  3. Because Ninja has teamed with Sparty and Commonly before and they have done well..
  4. ninja just said on stream there would be scrims if it wasn't for a recent complication that he can't talk about
  5. I'm no Cratos fan...but people who are calling for him to get banned or suspended are ridiculous...Yes it was unethical but it was within the rules. Can't ban someone who hasn't broken any rules
  6. so ninja ended his stream saying lets try to get a scrim tomorrow. He was playing with el town and saiyan
  7. looks like ninja and vic x are in the same boat. Wouldn't mind seeing them team again
  8. Just caught the end of ninja talking about halo...said he wants to compete and there are a bunch of to2's that won't give him the light of day. That's all I caught might have been more before
  9. looks like under ac ninja royale he has played matchmaking a few times (around 10 games yesterday) but not with anyone
  10. Usually the servers are bearable if you truly love the game...but tonight more than any other night for me the servers were god awful. People were teleporting all over the place every couple minutes. Like the game would just rewind 2 seconds
  11. Someone donated asking if he would continue to compete in halo after worlds. He sounded disheartened and said that he isn't even able to be on a top 4 team now
  12. They beat LG the other day. They also weren't winning many series early on this season either. They just showed up for pro league.
  13. Ninja just said on stream that they are not going because of the prize pools. Not worth it for the orgs.
  14. What would need to happen is a deduction of total wins at the end of the season. Like taking away 5 wins or something along those lines. The absence of forfeits wouldn't affect the other teams.
  15. The league spot doesn't belong to optic it belongs to the players
  16. Not confirmed but at the end of EG v CLG last night Victory said he set up a scrim with Liquid for tonight
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