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  1. Fell asleep before the series reset (UK timezone lol) but will watch the VOD later. Congrats to TOX, it was only fitting really. Kinda feel both relieved and sad that the H5 era is over. I had a lot of fun staying up til 3-4am for Pro League and clearing my weekends to watch the events. I do regret not getting tickets for any of the London events. Still, kinda glad we're never gonna have to watch CTF on Fathom ever again.
  2. Halo 4's campaign was a masterpiece. The Flood mode was a fun twist on Infection. Domination was interesting. That's all I got.
  3. Holy shit, Trippey is scary! Great result. Man this tournament is wild. I'm kinda gonna miss Halo 5.
  4. Glad those cocky kids won't be in the GF again. Hoping Rec can pull off this Game 7 win!
  5. Clutch talks like he's surprised at every syllable coming out of his mouth.
  6. > take long break from beyond > people still getting upset over body disrespect ahhhh I'm home
  7. Haven't posted here in ages, but have tried to watch an event every now and then. Glad I managed to get time off for the last H5 one ever. So happy to see Roy on the sticks again too, this H3 2v2 is such a great idea. The game never gets old!
  8. I love you Americans but god sentences like this make me laugh. Your country has been around for just 242 years... there's a hell of a lot of history behind that and a hell of a lot more to come.
  9. Yeah, no. I'm fed up of game developers releasing shitty broken games (MCC, for example) because of this obsession with deadlines. I'm pleased with the approach 343 is taking to fix MCC, because it seems like it's being done largely out of care for their work and for the community rather than some arbitrary date.

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