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  1. I can definately see why people dislike slayer in its current form and completely agree it needs to be dropped in frequency in the series to last game only. To really make slayer work competitively i feel it needs to get away from the same power up timers etc as the objective modes. I think someone mentioned it above but CE had 1 min timers forcing map movement which would make it much more entertaining to watch. A number of other things would need to change as well such as less ammo and shorter power up times (how long they last). Even then im still not sure it would work in H5 due to maps and movement, would be worth a try though.
  2. Awesome, love to watch the Beach Lan events! Really wish i was anywhere near good enough to attempt to attend an event like this, that and actually have the money as well.
  3. I agree, this kind of thing has ruined my memories of h3. I always prefered CE and h2 but this has done bad things to a game i once thoroughly enjoyed.
  4. Back in my home town when we were running H1 nights every week we would have 1v1 tourneys between our group. We even made a shitty trophy that we passed to the winner every week. Good times. Would love to see some high level 1v1 return. They are so tense and great fun to watch.
  5. Beat me to it There are actually some decent teams playing in this as well. Quite a few players that have competed in EU pro league and EU HWC LANs. Its going to be running for a few weeks so plenty of matches going on.
  6. Everytime i load twitch on my phone this clip loads up just to pour more salt in the wound. TBH its done it in the past as well, this hurts more than usual though lol.
  7. All the more reason to have a different Halo title for the next season of play. Although numbers are still down, its worth bearing in mind viewership is more spread across platforms these days. The bit about a new halo title though, couldnt agree more.
  8. When i got mine i had to register my GT beforehand. I may be misremembering but i think i got an email about it.
  9. Yeah, its been the same all 3 times. Its such a missed opportunity.
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