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  1. @@LethuL No matter how small the prizing, giving money to the Top 16 legitimizes those spots. It provides validation for everyone who is working hard to compete and hopes to one day knock you off the throne. Does spreading the prize pool out hurt you guys at the top of their game now? Absolutely. Does it guarantee Halo becomes top dog again? No. But I think spreading the wealth (no matter how small) is the right decision for the greater good given the current league/tourney structure.
  2. This comes off as just straight self preservation. I respect it and would do the same thing but let's just call it what it is: someone who knows they're a 4-6 team trying to maximize his earnings.
  3. Snakebite alluded to some roster changes. Any of that intel published?
  4. Would pay money for an OpTic player to stream tonight. Hate seeing 400 people viewing H5.
  5. It's funny that early Season 1 Pro League that was their weakest. Pretty sure they lost it to the old OG roster of Maniac/Ace/APG/Str8.
  6. I really appreciate that they know not to go to Royal's POV in slayers.
  7. Pretty sure its because it allows people time to get the notification that the stream is live and get in front of a screen before the games actually start. I also believe that thanks to the new stream hosting feature on twitch all the Pros can automatically have their streams go live just to host the tourney channels, which would help viewership. Especially with crossover streamers like Ninja who's audience didn't put World's on the calendar but would tune in to watch their guy. @@RyaNoob said it yesterday tho. This countdown needs to start at 12:30 so the above process can happen with a prompt 1PM start to gameplay.
  8. I was speaking from a place of emotion, he was speaking from a place of fact.
  9. LOL. Ace mentioned it in front of a live audience and 17K people on stream. But yeah. No need to be aired out.
  10. CP is made of a team of people you just want to slug one into their suck hole just by looking at them. Also, beyond just their looks they act like people who need to be popped in the mouth.
  11. Who did Naded replace on OpTic when he joined? Naded joined, Flame left, APG joined, Naded left, then Str8 sick joined.
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