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  1. GT: Properly Proper Preferably MM (Team Arena/Slayer/Snipers). But I'll play customs every now and again. NA - East Coast - New York Been a minute since I've really played halo but recently decided to get back into it. So, trying to get what little skill I had back. After playing my placement matches solo I ended up at gold 3 and have been playing solo since and am now 2 games from platinum 1. I'm not claiming to be even a high diamond player, but I know to help the team and I try to listen as best I can. Message me when you add me so that I don't get confused thinking you're from a previous game or something...
  2. Hey guys, I'm Adam. Or proper.. I just started playing seriously again because H3 is back didn't enjoy reach or 4 much so I went to bo2 for awhile. Anyway, if you're up for playing my gt is eProper. Also, I may know a few of you so if I haven't added you already send me a fr.
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