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  1. First thing first, god it feels good that the matches are played earlier. Having to stay up till 4 in the morning to watch the games is a killer. Production on this event has been so great. Thanks MLG
  2. I'm pretty intrigued by the BR/gunfighter load-out. It might give the individual player more power and make close quarter battles less awkward.
  3. I know the struggle man, I basically have to stay off the beyond forums for the entire day
  4. Yup it's hard to stay up all night when you have to get up for work in the morning. I usually watch the first match of the night and watch the VOD later that day. Sucks that ESL is so slow to upload the matches to youtube.
  5. New thread hype! Heading home from Atlanta today, going all the way back to Denmark. It's gonna be a long one boys. So happy I went, the event was amazing. Meeting the players as well as the super friendly halo fans has been an amazing experience. Watching the games live and being part of the loud and proud halo crowd is something I will never forget.
  6. I mostly just want to play for fun but would be cool to put up a fight gamertag: Your boy seacow
  7. Lets talk, my gamertag is your boy seacow
  8. Hey man, I'm looking for a team as well. Any luck yet? Would love to play. GT: Your boy seacow
  9. Likelyhood of Going: 100%, I just purchased my tickets I'm so excited! What you are best known for: Probably being one of the few danish Halo fans. Favorite Halo team: EG Short bio about your wondrous self (optional) 28-year-old who works in a youth center by day, plays halo 5 by night. I would love to do a team beyond meet up since I'm traveling by myself Shoutout to @@TheSimms for hooking me up with tickets. inb4 baloons
  10. It really sucks there won't be any games this week. Good thing Run the jewels is in town, friday can't come quick enough
  11. It's 5 in the morning but it was worth staying up to watch EG win. Love the aggression from lunchbox
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