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  1. "Your subjective opinion on the state of Competitive Halo is inferior to my subjective opinion on the state of competitive Halo!" I'll even throw in the usual GIF used whenever @CyReN decides to clean up the toxicity
  2. Next thing you know, 343 includes a Sanc remake in Infinite with two Lasers instead of snipers
  3. Hopefully the objective best game in the franchise is playable now
  4. *Insert small novel about how H3 is trash and H4 is objectively a superior competitive title* Also, I think Ninja's playing too much Fortnite when he should be practicing H5, thoughts?
  5. The amount of cereal disrespect in this thread is too damn high
  6. First Halo: Halo: Combat Evolved Favorite Halo: H2 First Competitive Halo: H2 Least Played Halo: H4 Favorite Gun: H2 BR Favorite Map: Midship Favorite Pro: Justin "Roy" "Best Twin" Brown
  7. To be fair, we'd probably have passed 38 if the invitational/G4G weren't on consecutive weekends.
  8. I don't think even 343 knows what they want to do in regards to crossplay and where esports should be focused. I'd bet they're gonna wait for a community response to see which way to go.

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