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  1. Lunch took over that game to even the series with GMS. Put up 16/4/7 and I don't think he missed in the last 2 minutes. Elamite was talking about how Lunch could possibly get hotter than anyone else, and the footage synced w/ that statement perfectly.
  2. This bit is bothering me far more than it reasonably should
  3. There comes a point where you just have to laugh at it all
  4. If thrust is to stay, I'd prefer the distance traveled to be significantly lowered. Additionally, aim assist and magnetism across the board needs to be tanked.
  5. Thrust is only slightly less detrimental to Halo's core gameplay loop than sprint. Nade Hitmarkers probably next up.
  6. I'm sure many will cry about it because of the principle of sprint being gone due to not having a deep understanding of the game's mechanics.
  7. Tried to chip in, best of luck Post memes. That's the way to farm rep. Or be like @NavG123
  8. "Your subjective opinion on the state of Competitive Halo is inferior to my subjective opinion on the state of competitive Halo!" I'll even throw in the usual GIF used whenever @CyReN decides to clean up the toxicity
  9. Next thing you know, 343 includes a Sanc remake in Infinite with two Lasers instead of snipers

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