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  1. Score for Guardian Ball and CStruct King being reduced 200 points instead of 250.
  2. Still. I want Titanfall 3. The only game to do advanced movement well imo, since it was built from the ground-up to be that sort of game.
  3. Yeah but to be fair a controller on PC even with AA will get decimated by M/K
  4. Man. I totally get and agree with comp Halo being on PC being the ideal way forward. But it's hard for me to wrap my mind around myself playing it on PC. Just more of a console guy myself I guess.
  5. Regardless of the circumstances, he's just a fuckin asshole.
  6. To be fair, I haven't liked a Halo game for 12 years and I'm still here
  7. In Halo 3, your gun doesn't work or shoot straight. In Halo 5, you can't aim properly, so whether your gun works or not is irrelevant.
  8. Vancouver real estate man. Worse than Toronto, LA and as bad as the bay area.
  9. Hopefully they won't have to fight so hard just to give us the ability to drop the flag
  10. I believe discussing whether Ninja is playing too much Fortnite is next in the Beyond Discussion Rotation
  11. Been replaying Mass Effect 2, so haven't had a chance to check the patch. Main menu looks dope though. Thoughts on modern aiming?
  12. Weapon hitmarkers are fine. Explosive hitmarkers need to be removed, period.
  13. To each their own. When you're talking about specifically online play, I can see your reasoning. But H3 LAN was an absolute blast and still is. To me, H5 just isn't Halo and is just a Frankenstein-mashup of gimmicky features from other franchises that were implemented without second thought in a feeble attempt to garner more attention from the FPS community at-large. I prefer more Halo, with my Halo. Again, IMO
  14. https://twitter.com/Moses_FPS/status/1085245881157410816 Edit: Welp, didn't embed. Moses said he saw us peak around 10k on twitch and heard of a few thousand more watching on Mixer.
  15. - Hell of a weekend, most I've enjoyed watching Halo since X Games 2016. - This is how we build a foundation going forward, can't wait for the invitational and G4G coming up! - Denial showed out. Shele, wow. Aries, wow. Str8 Sick and Commonly played great all weekend too. - Definitely hoping to see more fight from Rec going forward. - Grats to Tox and APG especially for responding in the second series. Still hoping to see the full Tox roster w/ Frosty and Royal 2 compete in H3 at some point. - Some production issues that persisted through the weekend, but still, major props to UGC, all the talent and everyone else involved in making this happen. On a somewhat unrelated note, found a dope video (and channel for those interested in this type of stuff) talking about Installation 01's development and progress. Been brought up on these forums before, so I figured you guys might find it to be worth the watch

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