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  1. Unrelated to everything but, Doom Eternal is goddamn brilliant
  2. Regarding Reach's popularity and population: Keep in mind this is the game that took what was a somewhat declining community at the end of H3 and put it in a box. This is just an appetizer, wait until H2/3 hit PC, that's where we'll get a read of how much Halo can influence the PC market.
  3. I remember the day that it became apparent that the amount of REQs on an account could affect the aiming. I don't remember how I felt during that moment (must have been repressed) but now it does bring a chuckle.
  4. Ah yes, we're back to Emma gifs. Definite sign that the next event will have 3 half inflated balloons to mark the entrance.
  5. A game that's actually fun and feels like Halo probably wouldn't hurt either.
  6. Good to see everyone's brimming with just as much optimism as I am. Build a solid game with solid competitive foundations that allows for different community groups to play how they want. That's how Halo became as large as it was, versatility without throwing everyone into a box. Not a nostalgia-fueled cash grab.
  7. Lunch took over that game to even the series with GMS. Put up 16/4/7 and I don't think he missed in the last 2 minutes. Elamite was talking about how Lunch could possibly get hotter than anyone else, and the footage synced w/ that statement perfectly.

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