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  1. Don't forget extraction, which we basically can assume is coming at some point! Probably won't be added into the circuit until after HWC tho
  2. Has there been a tourney yet without a prominent 3v4 Industries moment lmfao
  3. Definitely doesn't get enough respect when talking about the best players in the game
  4. So apparently (looking at the bracket, can't watch atm) Fnatic has beaten SSG
  5. Oh, a strategy for slayer? Didn't know those were a thing lmfao. (Jk, i just find slayer on live fire and bazaar to be a complete shitshow)
  6. Agreed, regardless of what's ideal you should rotate to the enemy stronghold if they abandon one. Maybe its just at the level I play at (onyx ~1800) where opportunities to hold 2 strongholds are somewhat more frequent than vs pro gameplay.
  7. Depends on the mode for me personally. For oddball I usually prefer a setup at blue, and have seen more pros start to use this more frequently as well. The ability to play the ball is too powerful. Strongholds as well, I'd rather maintain an A/C hold over B and anything else. Mainly because its easier to hold BR tower and defend both A/C from that location.
  8. I'm not getting my hopes up, but it's nice to see it acknowledged
  9. It would be fascinating tho. It's weird to think about, but it'd be on the same level of FB dropping Saiyan for Strongside.
  10. At some point we need some acknowledgement that the state of custom games are an affront to competitive integrity, regardless of restart rules
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