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  1. As much as I love Staten, this is an indictment on the state of the game. And we were 3 months away from getting another MCC type release in what may be the franchise's (if not Xbox's) last chance to save itself.
  2. Beats being an innate ability. Let's be real, we all knew it wasn't gonna go back to the classic formula completely. We'll have to deal w sprint, but we can hopefully get the grappleshot out of comp settings if we need to
  3. Thankfully, the grappling hook is equipment which will be an on map pickup
  4. I'm half expecting to see a grappling hook and wall running within the first minute
  5. I'm so confused, my brain can't decide if its terrified of what's gonna be revealed or excited.
  6. We really need at least some kinda MP news, but preferably a beta date. It's too damn late as it is.
  7. Regarding Reach's popularity and population: Keep in mind this is the game that took what was a somewhat declining community at the end of H3 and put it in a box. This is just an appetizer, wait until H2/3 hit PC, that's where we'll get a read of how much Halo can influence the PC market.
  8. I remember the day that it became apparent that the amount of REQs on an account could affect the aiming. I don't remember how I felt during that moment (must have been repressed) but now it does bring a chuckle.
  9. Ah yes, we're back to Emma gifs. Definite sign that the next event will have 3 half inflated balloons to mark the entrance.
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