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  1. Is it better than Horizon 1? I played that game for 30 minutes and than returned it. It felt way too cartoon-y for someone who enjoys forza 4 and 5.
  2. I have been playing on windows 8.1 with an xbox one controller, not bad
  3. So dicksmith leak the games but never have anything in stock.
  4. Azza

    E3 Discussion

    Anyone else sort of nervous for e3 in case h2a never happens?
  5. Im from Aus as well. Maybe we should get a server going or something. (Port Adelaide, nice joke).
  6. Azza


    You my as well ban gunnars while you at it, also gamer grip.
  7. Azza

    Film Discussion

    If any of you guys are interested in war movies, I highly recommend watching Beneath Hill 60. Based on a true story.
  8. I would like to hear from AGL's so called "cabinet members".
  9. When will we here anything about next gen halo? Gamescom?
  10. What a good read watch.
  11. Anyone have a lo naded tripple kill?
  12. When you shout out halo call outs with friends while playing cod. "Rocket's are up" "1 shot ring 3".
  13. SK teaming with the sudds and :unclesudd: ?
  14. I will cry with happiness if he came back
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