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  1. It's really strange to see people who act friendly and joke around with Lethul all the time on these forums call him a "whiny hypocrite". If he tweeted anything controversial before, everyone dismissed it as Lethul being Lethul. But now that they lost a scrim, it's as if they're finally allowed to show how they really feel.. And have some sort of backing now? If Steph Curry (weak little man) sent out a tweet after beating Lebron James (big strong champion) in a Pre-Season game that said, "Good game to the God Squad" and Lebron responded with, "Did you really just say good game after a Pre-Season game?" People would react the same way. It's the exact same situation. Tony and Eric are two big black men, who deep down want to lay each other's pipe VERY far into one another. Lethul and Lebron won the championships so they have every bragging right. Steph and Erica have a lot of talent, but (at least from last season) no rings. BOO YAH
  2. We're on a forum discussing a hobby.. I don't believe any body is striving for a professional image here. Half of the posts are memes.. How we act on here will have no real affect on us. He's running a business and seems more focused on calling people out, and thanking people for the SICK FUCKING HOOKUPS.
  3. How? I don't think you have a grasp on what insecurity means. There's absolutely no reason somebody would feel insecure from someone saying they were shit talking. There's a difference between blindly being called out for something and having a true to reason to get defensive about it, and someone talking to shit to you where you show insecurity. If they're all just sitting in a Skype call as friends and someone calls it shit talking, of course they're going to get pissed. Sticking up for yourself is not insecurity. Losing AND THEN calling people out, out of no where is insecurity.
  4. Lol dude you are going to get shit on for this. You went into lethuls stream and saw someone type !ninja and youre basing it completely off that. There's no "blind hate" for ninja.. He's a likeable guy, but also extremely unlikeable. Watching him shake his head and barking orders at his teammates isn't enjoyable to some people. He has an ego that can shine through some of the communication with his teammates. Also, since the fact that you seem pretty shaken by the responses that you're getting, the way you're typing out your sentences is making it a lot worse. Not only am I imagining you as a young boy stuttering to get his argument heard, you're portraying it through your keyboard too. Proof read your shit BUDDY
  5. If Ogre 2 is actually going to be involved with Evil Geniuses, I would love to see him in Lunch's place for at least a scrim to test the waters. Watching his streams over the past month he has proved to still be a fucking monster. His map placement, slaying power, and decision making are still beautiful. To me Lunchbox has always been extremely methodical, and would make a great coach. It seems he is always over seeing all that is happening in the game, and thinking ahead to the next step. This would ultimately help Roy and Lunch not bicker through out the game as well. Probably a dumb scenario but I could see it working well
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