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  1. I contacted the Xbox Support on their forum and got the in the next 24 hours. I read somewhere that it's only possible until April 29th - not sure about it though. 



    Go to xbox.com/mixpot and sign in with your microsoft account, then create a thread saying you watched the stream but didn‘t get the pack.

    I got my code via xbl message about 3 days later



    I just remembered about this as well. I tweeted out to @@Tashi to see if he can help out.

    I made a post as suggested so will be waiting patiently.

    Gracias amigos.

  2. So the event center has a massive parking garage (located btwn Safeco Field and Century Link), there is also a parking lot adjacent to Century Link stadium. 


    If you're going to be visiting downtown then this should help: https://downtownseattle.org/parking/#!/


    And there is an app called "BestParking" that I like to use https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bestparking-get-parking-deals/id383076098?mt=8

    Thank you thank you! 

    This should be the new Rent discussion when things get slow; how much does it cost to park in your city?

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  3. Any idea when these will be available again after the countdown?

    Also that flag would look great on a hoodie!

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  4. trying to look at this objectively ... audio issues, important games played off stream, FFA delayed for hours, casting = exact same as ESL casting, tournament director saying “we’ll do better next time”, and everyone is still freaking about how omg amazing MLG is?


    Look, I was excited too (I’ve watched more MLG event VoD than any sane person should) but this stream is literally exactly as good as the past couple ESL events. maybe attending in person would be way better, idk? So far this has not given me the same feeling as 2006 or 2009 MLG events.


    obligatory “here comes the neg rep” ... just trying to be honest, guys

    Hello friend, It's me, the guy who is on your side when it comes to objectivity.


    Just wondering, what would you say are the things that:

    1) made ESL objectively equal or greater than MLG this event, or

    2) MLG did poorly enough to warrant an equal footing with ESL


    IMO, the greatest fault of MLG was that there was a Bravo stream advertised, but a ~1.5 hour vacancy on said stream with no explanation whatsoever. Even after comments/questions on these forums. That's the only thing I can think of besides the minor audio issues.

    Enlighten us on how you can equate the 2 TOs, especially given that this is the first for MLG since regionals last year, and ESL had numerous instances.




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