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  1. I made a post as suggested so will be waiting patiently. Gracias amigos.
  2. No dice. Did we have to type something in the chat or anything like that? I was pumped to hear Nathan Fillion.
  3. This is pretty late, but did anybody else not get their Voices of War Req Pack from watching the Finals on Mixer? I linked my Mixer account to my Microsoft Account and have yet to get it. Appreciate any help!
  4. They're warming up on the bravo station now. Should be soon (no TM).
  5. Shotzzy said in the last week he's played 5 HOURS of Halo to prepare. FIVE (5)!! Inconceivable.
  6. Today was the first time I had been to a Halo event, and I am blown away. The event center is huge, the production in the arena is great, and I got all hopped up on free GFuel. Mmmm Lemonade and Rainbow Sherbet. I cannot wait for bracket play. What do you all think; will Infused beat Oxygen Supremacy to bring the EU home some pride?
  7. I'm digging the Raynebeard. Let's see if the power is in the beard!
  8. Found street parking like 5 blocks away. That's a win for me!
  9. I asked in the main thread, but got any insider knowledge on parking? I might just be a hoodlum and go to Trader Joe's or something. Any ideas appreciated!
  10. Thank you thank you! This should be the new Rent discussion when things get slow; how much does it cost to park in your city?
  11. Pumped for this weekend. It's going to be killer! Anybody familiar with the Seattle area know where to snag the cheapest parking? Hope to see you all there!
  12. Listen, I was hoping you folks across the pond would get this reference. Especially with my pic. Don't let me down.
  13. I'll be there. Look for the tall northern jazzy freak with a mustache and no dress sense!
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