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  1. How come consoles now can't just play the game when you insert the disc in now?
  2. except half of the time in social i usually match the same players.
  3. sorry to bother you like this, but. How can one compile everything in video footage for all the things you've mentioned, like I want to extensively compare the two games myself without spinning narratives.
  4. never knew it was that bad in h5 and h3 lol guess i dont pay attention
  5. and bring up the east us 2 issue for Europe players Americans dont like it, we don't like it.
  6. I remember there was this person that posted something similar here for HCE and for H2, and was making a website about it. I forgot about it now, but I think the idea died out.
  7. nearly everyone on that thread makes me want to vomit. It's been nearly 9 years, we've spent trying to debunk nearly every argument for sprint in halo, yet its here just to meet player expectations.
  8. yes, this guy LNG added it back in he pulls the excuse of "its a different type of motion blur." All types of motion blur is wack.
  9. Does anyone else think this is absolute dogshit? I can't be the only one who thinks dumping effects on top of each other makes for a worse experience.
  10. Just make it like halo 2 where 50s were basically pros or modders.
  11. Yea, there's just nothing wrong with it lol. It doesn't harm anyone, it's just that a skill-based ranking system is still mandatory.
  12. what about the halo 5 beta ranking system, that had something interesting going on as well, if I remember correctly
  13. 343 just doesn't seem to get it. I don't think they understood what halo was before they took control. It's almost like they just want to be another shooter in the very dense market they already exist in.
  14. in 343's making halo 5 videos they say magnetism how your reticle slows when it's next to an enemy.
  15. so y'all hate power weapons now or smth
  16. isn't this place more popular than r/halo im aware r/halo has gotten siginificantly more popular in 2018
  17. I'm in the UK and I am always connected to East US 2. Is there no West EU server or is that because of low population?
  18. Because as a power weapon, its location is known and fought over, meaning if you acquired rockets, you either: won one or many battles/ timed it correctly, such that the enemy team lost track. I say these two conditions does give you the right to have some destructive capability, for a certain amount of time at least.
  19. right when the rocket launcher is in your hands
  20. They literally cater to 0 people in terms of competitive play.
  21. Haven't been here for a while. I really hope they are pretending halo 4 and halo 5 never happened. And I'm begging for it to be no sprint, or like its kept in custom games, or it has one gamemode where there's sprint involved. Halo really doesn't feel like halo with it.

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