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  1. The entire internet? I mean look everywhere, this forum is a very small minority
  2. People already trying to make objective conclusions halo infinite is the pinnacle of halo gameplay and are now saying Halo 5 isn't true halo. I remember well in 2015 halo 5 was the TRUE EVOLVED HALO because it had EQUAL STARTS!!!! "o my gosh equal im gonna cum "
  3. Every. Single. Time 343 has made a new halo game, they've always been "defining a new experience whilst keeping it true to halo" they really gotta just make a halo game, not some bullshit that caters to people that will drop the game if you don't have an animation that doesn't let you shoot at top speed
  4. he fucking says "see it takes the same time when you slide, thrust, do a backflip slide thrust cancel, thrust, stabilize, cancel, cum, shit, piss and there you go! you arrive at the same time" video games aren't meant to play like this....
  5. This is also why bloom from halo reach was a very good addition.
  6. why is there an announcer line for when you snipe someone without scoping in... It should be, a medal for a sniper headshot. If you get a body shot, that's just a kill.
  7. it's a free to play game, its filled with constant dopamine hits, it's going to have those numbers, whether they mean anything or not.
  8. Me before halo infinite goes from 8 -10 million on launch to like 50K in 6 months.
  9. I just thought. They'll probably do anything to sprint, nerf the living shit out of it, probably even make it 1.01x faster than base movement speed, but they'll have it in just to appease the masses and keep the immersive factor.
  10. yeah not being able to shoot your gun when you want to is one thing But being able to go at top speed in whatever direction and shoot is a fucking essential thing man, traversing the map and performing jumps while still being able to shoot is quintessential to halo.
  11. The fact that you can't shoot at top speed is a breaking point of halo as well.
  12. Yeah but it might be a bit too powerful cuz now you're pulling power weapons from all over the place.
  13. oh thank god if that shit was a base mechanic there would seriously be no point of making a map in the first place.
  14. Wait wait wait wait wait Is grapple a base mechanic or a pick up????? I always thought it was a pick up.....
  15. What I think might end up happening is that 3 years down the line they all get bored with Infinite and boot up the old halo 3 again and start doing those classic halo tournaments again.
  16. Only if cooper comes back. Been a mess ever since he's left.
  17. The point really went over your head. The artstyle of Halo 3's is miles ahead over infinite's flat texture subtle-fortnite look. It's improved from last year, but it seriously still looks laughable in some places.
  18. Wow this game looks so cool! Look at that sky box?! That's some cool looking armor.. oh...
  19. what are you on about it took 4 bursts to kill the guy, he missed one. How are you saying it's technically 5.. EDIT: Did you mean to phrase it in some other way?
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