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  1. Oooh that makes it a bit more interesting now.
  2. Apart from being a one shot sniper rifle, what is the point of the skewer
  3. Ok so it's not just me that sees infinite as being really plasticky? The shield crack effects are also so fucking poor.
  4. What the fuck is this shield. Such a dumb piece of equipment, one way shooting.
  5. Gets a single kill in infinite 50000 different medals blackpilled again
  6. I fucking figured it out. I've been playing this and it felt like something i played before. The movement feels a bit like cod bo4
  7. Even BF2042 has the +100 XP in the corner, why does 343 have to dopamine fry my brain playing this game
  8. Why did they remove no sprint shield recharge? Wasn't that meant to be the oh so graceful mechanic that balances sprint? These ******* honestly switch up every halo game
  9. There's so much blind hype around this game. Why can 343 never make a human UNSC map look alright?
  10. Another year Another year where people say 343 have nailed sprint blackpilled again
  11. Ninja ain't coming back to halo, he'll stream it twice and then go back to whatever he's doing.
  12. I'm just a couple months older than Halo itself lmao.. We're getting old, I can no longer eat anything I want and still have the abs of Christ, some of you are thinking of having family, some of you are thinking of buying a house etc. etc. Soon this forum may be taken over by the H5 HCS players lmao
  13. ngl i kinda wanna see halo 4's campaign remade. like a full reboot of halo 4, there's potential in the whole idea of the campaign, too bad the story was a bit of a mess.
  14. bruh the btb community will play on blood gulch lmao, they ain't worried about map design, they happy to play on anything with scorpions, wraiths, hornets, falcons, warthogs you name it. kinda the way btb should always be, big vehicular fun. not to be taken seriously there are some bigger team modes which can be taken a bit more seriously like 6v6 i reckon, but for now 8v8 should always be something chaotic
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