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  1. You can't solve sprint in halo, it doesn't belong.
  2. Covenant and forerunner maps have always been far more interesting than the human maps in halo..... so where da forerunner maps then????
  3. This is a myth, I once thought the same, the projectile velocity just rapidly increased in the later games. And I'm inclined to believe the same thing in halo 5. Even the spartan laser and beam rifle in halo 3 were projectile weapons. I once thought halo 2 used hitscan weapons but that's not true either, they just had high projectile speeds.
  4. They probably are projectiles every single halo game has used projectiles for every single weapon (not sure about halo 5 actually).
  5. what we should see is how fucked people's aims can get if we all stand 12 people in one spot and on a count they all separate so anyone firing at them would just get fucked.
  6. You're right, the devs seem to be making this game for people with very very little patience (or even intelligence)
  7. Tommy Kost is a goat from his real talks, spitting straight heat
  8. Keep the AR as it is, in fact buff it! While we're there nerf the BR!!!!! I love halo infinite! I love Halo 5! I love Halo 4! I love Halo Reach! I hate halo 3 grrrrr I hate halo 2 grrrrr I hate halo ce grrrrrr
  9. From now on I'm going to be full on Halo Shill The aiming in Halo infinite is great! Everyone who disagrees with me is trash! Go play the MCC instead if you like BRs.
  10. 343 will still not like good precision starts.
  11. Why is reddit saying halo 5's aim is good now.
  12. we need more bloom on all the weapons, so much bloom that I want NONE of my shots to hit the target.
  13. You know what makes the game more accessible? Removing sprint, if you include more button inputs to be able to do essential things like sprint, then you make games less accessible, people could play halo 2 with one hand lmao.
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