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  1. I'm certain this game will be another failure, just hearing about the fact too many creative leads on this game have left during the development. Same thing happened to h5 and look what happened.
  2. What are the marketing team doing. This just cuts abruptly.
  3. This entire forum knows 343 ain't gonna give a rats arse about no timer shit, we all want static timers, I doubt those fuckers at 343 know what they are, our only hope is for them to do it by accident
  4. I keep hearing disagreement over which halo had what system I always thought H1 projectile H2 hitscan H3 projectile Reach Hitscan And all 343's halo's were hitscan. Is this true?
  5. Hahahhaa remember H5 warzone 343 fully just made a MTX system and then made a game mode around the MTX system and they all fell for it.
  6. it's been 10 years, how are people still defending sprint the only argument for it is the blissful ignorance of what it does to the gameplay.
  7. remember when we got pizza skins for Halo 5 and they acted like we were meant to be excited? me too
  8. The game is cringe is what I was trying to say, I fully agree the game will be worse as it is Free To Play I just wanted to say TF2 is just fucking cringe lol.
  9. Who the fuck seriously cares about TF2 tho
  10. There'll probably be MTX for the campaign as well.
  11. can we all agree that H3 BR sucks and move on?
  12. Voice acting was spot on? "Spartan, we thought you dead." Brilliant
  13. Who cares if Halo 3 sucks or not. Halo Infinite is GOING to suck, whether you like it or not.
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