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  1. Dang just saw the news about Ace. Really liked him as TL's 4th. Any intel on potential leads for his replacement? I think I saw one post float the LG young guns Tripppey and Saiyan as possibilities
  2. Spartan is so bad at trash talking. Shouting you suck so bad is worse than not saying anything lol
  3. Been away for a couple weeks; can anyone fill me in on any team changes real quick?
  4. The third under the base was dirty. He had no business living right there
  5. Maybe I'm in the minority but I enjoy listening to announcers with a bias. Baseball announcers for home teams are definitely more invested in their teams success vs the other teams and I enjoy listening to that more
  6. Yeah I hate this. I've juked someone side to side before but not back after they've locked on
  7. Do they do the weighting by literally just having every gametype in the playlist and weighting each gametype as one out of however many? I feel like it shouldn't be hard to set it up to pull from a pool of gametypes and weight each one by percentage. In that case they wouldn't have to have 2 instances of each CTF/SH game, just weight those as like 1.5x the slayer ones. That seems fairly obvious to me so I feel like I'm misinterpreting something from Menke or just looking at it wrong, so correct me if I'm way off
  8. https://i.imgur.com/G6H5wHU.gif I'm on mobile so hyperlink fail
  9. the people who get upset at that are the exact reason why it still happens
  10. GTFO of here with your rational, logical halo tournaments
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