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  1. Many times when I play late-night (after 3am eastern NA) I experience what I can only describe as the opposite of heavy aim. Game after game it feels as if my sensitivity is crazy high and that I have next to no aim-assist. My reticle feels slippery and seems to just slide away from enemies and will absolutely not snap to players. It feels kind of like I'm trying to shoot someone with camo. I have nearly 5,000 games of arena at a pretty high level and this has been happening quite often recently. Do yall experience this as well?
  2. To3 looking for solid 4th to grind Arena with. We're 3 players who grind pretty much every evening. Usually around 2000-2200 in Arena and champs in Slayer (that doesn't mean much though). We compete in the beyond tourneys and we're thinking about competing in the online qualifiers to get some experience. Basically just looking for a consistent 4th who is a solid player and who we can get along with. We sweat in Arena but also know where we stand and like to have a good time with it. 5pm ET - whenever we get tired GT: FlyingTango
  3. Shotzzy, Saiyan, and Renegade were previously two ams that would be considered breakout players, but they've already found themselves on pro rosters (yes bubu's team is pro, lol cratos). There are so many ams out there that are amazing these days. I guess Claim and Articc meet the criteria very well bc they are like 15 years old I think.
  4. You're doing God's work with these videos Ryan. Great to watch when I have some down time and very insightful. I've learned a lot about the micro aspects of Halo from your vids.
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