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  1. The second Halo comes to PC people will start playing with KBM, no doubt about that. Aiming is vastly superior to controller based aiming. Also, the point about not having enough buttons for the movement seems a bit silly - a keyboard has got many keys, after all. I don't see an issue with controller vs. keyboard though, it's done in GTA Online for instance. There's simply different lobbies for no aim assist, a little bit and full aim assist. You can switch freely between them, no matter what input method you're using. More choice to the players!
  2. True. However, this particular one has a typo right there on the front page http://www.enigma6group.com/: "HOPE, RESPECT, SIX, LOYATY is our definition to SUCCESS"
  3. Whatever video editing software you put your video together in should have an equalizer. I'd recommend googling "de-essing" in your software of choice.
  4. You just made me google serpentism ... yeah, not a native speaker
  5. Hey Tiberius, longtime lurker and fan of your vids here. Noticed the better audio quality right away, however I think you could improve just a little more: The treble seems to be set up a tiny bit too high. Hear that little hiss everytime you pronounce an "s" or "z"? Might try to turn treble a little bit down and mid range a little bit up to make your voice more "bold". Other than that keep up the great work.
  6. Yup, I understand - however, you and a lot of people here know who Ghost is. People new to Halo / people not following the scene might not.
  7. Exactly. Helpful and more information, so I don't have to go and find another source about who that guy was would make it easier to follow the scene or get into the sene, in my own opinion.
  8. Hey Saucey, thanks for the reply. Well, I seem not to have outlined my argument well enough. I tried to make it my point that I would appreciate news being structured in a way that I do not have to follow various outlets to get all the news. I would love for the front page to be a central hub that gives me everything I need to know. Twitter and Facebook should be secondary sources, not the other way round, in my opinion. I also mentioned the slide box. The problem here was, you only see one slide at a time. If I open the page, I'm not waiting for all the slides to go through but scroll down immediately to see all the smaller new boxes. I know this is my fault - but I still assume many people do that. As to you doing this on a volunteer basis: I know, and I know I'm asking much. Those are simply the wishes of a guy who would like to follow the scene more closely. Edit: Actually, let me try to say it more clearly: I feel that at the moment, teambeyond serves as an information hub for the informed - and I would love it to account for passive Halo fans as well. :-)
  9. Hi Team Beyond. In this post I would like to suggest some improvements to your news coverage - mostly regarding Halo, but I assume they could easily be transferred to any other section. It is a lengthy read, some might say a wall of text, so be warned. Why do I propose changes? Because in my opinion, it is hard to follow what is going on in the Halo scene for someone like me who doesn’t read every forum post and follows everybody’s Twitter account. This is not meant to be a be-all-end-all solution but rather a starting point for discussion. Feel free to comment, improve or refute my opinions. So here we go: Table of Contents 1. How does news coverage work now? 2. Why does it need improvement? 3. How could news coverage work? 1. How does it work now? At the moment, news coverage is mostly done via two options. Either there are links to YouTube videos - which makes sense for stuff like Ghandi’s Thoughts and the like - or, and that is what’s important: News are hidden in headlines or description texts. An example of this is currently on the homepage: GHANDI’S THOUGHTS: HALO 3 AT AGL? Did you spot the news? Well, the fact that AGL decided to pick up Halo 3 was – to me – completely new. As far as I’m aware of, the only other mention was the central news feature in the, for lack of a better word, picture box. Unfortunately, when I opened teambeyond.net I browsed other stuff first. Hence, I didn’t see that image but something else and was kept wondering about that H3 return. Other examples would include tournaments happening, results, teams forming and disbanding…the list is endless. Another recent example is Ghostayame’s departure from the Halo scene. I found out about that when I randomly browsed the forums looking for info on the H3 pickup, but there is still no dedicated news post – neither on the homepage nor in the forums. 2. Why does it need improvement? The concise answer is: Because not everyone follows the scene as closely as most people on teambeyond.net do, and immersion is difficult without clear news coverage. Clear news keep me informed and create storylines, which are important to draw a crowd. Here is the long answer: I’ll take me as an example: I have played Halo for years, watched a couple of MLGs, even watched one or two AGLs. Note the couple. I don’t have the time nor the drive nor the enthusiasm to watch everything Halo-related, scour Twitter, YouTube, Facebook for Halo news. I try to visit the forums every now and then, but mostly I only manage to do so once or twice a week. Now what I notice is that often, the front page of teambeyond.net leaves me puzzled instead of enlightened. I see Ghandi’s Thoughts and – if I’m lucky – I spot the hidden news in the title. If I want news on AGL results or teams, I have to go to the forums and search through pages and pages of threads, hoping to stumble upon the right post by chance. Many times, OPs aren’t updated to reflect the current state. And in the case of for instance Ghost’s departure, I had to go through several pages, open a “thank you Ghost” thread, then go through several posts until I finally found out he had retired, his reason embedded in a quote, without any in-depth information. This left me frustrated, not enlightened. To recount: I accidentally found out that one of THE lead figures in the Halo scene is retiring by accident and had to spent several minutes looking for more information. All I could find however is a short embedded sentence, no explanation. Same if I want to find out about roster changes. Oftentimes, I only get particular changes through non-related posts because somebody happens to mention them. This makes it difficult for people like me to follow players and teams, and hence: storylines. This topic finally leads on to my final point: 3. How could news coverage work? Now, how do we get people like me informed, keep me interested, and immerse me into the scene? Again, there’s a concise answer: big news should always be on the front page, to keep us up to date and to create storylines. This means: If a prominent Halo person (like Ghost) retires, get that on the front page. Give me an image, a headline, and then try everything to sum up what has happened. Try to get an interview with Ghost. Give me a history on why he was a prominent figure in the scene, and maybe summarise his career. A good example would be this post on teamliquid.net dealing with the retirement of an SC2-player. The least you should do however, is making the information that something important has happened available on the front page, instead of letting my find out by accident. This also means: If a tournament is about to happen, give me a summary of the teams and their players on the front page. Who have they teamed with before, how did they end up in their current rosters? Who are the favourites, who are the underdogs? Give me someone to root for and someone to root against, create heroes and fallen heroes. Thus, create storylines: Make the game interesting to me, give me players whose career I care to follow, give me the ups and downs so I can suffer or rejoice when my team or player loses or wins. Again, Teamliquid.net does a great job doing this, take a look at this post for example. They even do that mid-tournament! While I understand that SC2 has a much bigger scene, I think to a certain degree stuff like this is necessary to keep guys like me close to the scene, keep me interested and give me an incentive to watch. It doesn't necessarily have to be as in-depth as those posts, but please at least give me something. This also means: if new stuff happens, don’t just give me videos. I may be at work not being able to watch a video – but I could scrim through a text. Give me opinion pieces. Give me throwbacks. I’m sure by now you got the point. Now, I understand this is a lot of work. But in the end, I think the scene would profit a lot. Currently, it’s a mess to find out anything Halo related in a short amount of time. Make it so it becomes an easy-to-follow, easy-to-get-into scene. Also, try to create storylines by giving me detailed posts about players and teams. In short: Make it interesting for people who aren’t as informed as you are. Thank you for reading. Now start discussing.

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